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In 2018, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) ushered in its 20th birthday. With 20 years of exhibition planning and management, it has carefully built a "large customization" exhibition area. The integrated customization and fast wall panel exhibition area is one of the highlights of the exhibition, and its influence can not be ignored

in 2018, China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) ushered in its 20th birthday. With 20 years of exhibition planning and management, it carefully created a "big customization" exhibition area, which gathered almost all the industry leaders committed to the development of big home furnishings. At the same time, it widely posted hero posts, and convened high-end dealers, designers, real estate developers and other industry professionals to stage a "customized blockbuster" that can't be missed. As one of the highlights of the exhibition, the exhibition area of integrated customization and quick installation of wallboards has an influence that cannot be ignored. Here, the exhibitor will cooperate with Huiya home hotline www.jia400 Com helps the development of the industry

interview guests: Chen Guoguang, marketing director of Zhejiang Dingmei Zhizhuang Co., Ltd.

[Huiya home hotline]: in the face of the rapid changes in the industry, will the participation in China Construction Expo bring new series or new process display? What are their advantages

[President Chen]: this exhibition mainly brings 2018 "wood · Chuxin" products. We combine experience room and wall exhibition, cooperate with VR situational experience, and let customers feel the charm of our new products. The core of the "wood · Chuxin" series of products is wood. The whole series of products are made of multi-layer solid wood and innovatively adopt the seamless tightening lock technology: seamless, anti deformation, and convenient installation! And strictly implement the national E1 level environmental protection standards, green environmental protection, that is, install and live

[Huiya home hotline]: are there any new highlights or plans in brand services this year

[President Chen]: let's talk about three points briefly

1. In April this year, Dingmei held a new product launch in Wuzhen, and the spokesperson Miss Ma Yili was present. She signed a second brand endorsement contract with Dingmei and joined the public welfare lunch project. Therefore, the first highlight of Dingmei brand is public welfare

2. Dingmei has adopted a new spokesperson image this year, and will launch a new generation of VI and Si to convey a younger, fashionable and trendy brand image, which is the second highlight

3. The third highlight is in the brand service of the terminal. Dingmei launched the "golden ribbon" brand service activity to provide cleaning and electrical circuit inspection services for regular customers. It has achieved a very good response in the terminal. Dingmei will continue to promote and deepen the brand service month

[Huiya home hotline]: the segmented industries have begun to occupy the market. What do you think of the future trend of the segmented industries? How to lay out the future development of the enterprise? Can you give us a brief introduction

[President Chen]: the segmentation of the integrated ceiling industry has gone through the stages of branding, stylization and other segmentation. The advantageous projects of various brands have been qualitatively formed, and the style labels of various brands have become increasingly obvious. Due to the limited development time, the top wall integration industry has just gone through the stage of brand and approval segmentation. At present, I think the top wall market is still dominated by taking the style route and selling decors. For example, Dingmei takes the stylization and systematization as the main axis to improve the design and refine the service; While other brands mainly sell designs and colors to match the price

in the future, Dingmei will pay more attention to taking the national policy guidance as the wind vane, vigorously promote the popularization and landing of prefabricated decoration, and embrace the arrival of the era of fine decoration. In addition, the peak of second-hand housing transactions is coming soon, and the self built housing market brought by the new rural construction is also becoming larger and larger. Dingmei will further layout these three markets next

[Huiya home hotline]: this year is the 20th anniversary of China Construction Expo. What do you say about China Construction Expo

[President Chen]: the rapid development of the brand is inseparable from the China Construction Expo. I am grateful to the China Construction Expo and wish the Expo better and better

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