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Small space weapon ---- bed can also be made in the wall


if you don't have money to buy a big house and want to walk around in a small place, it's very important to make clever use of space. I've heard that saving space can be achieved through storage. Did you know that you can also directly embed the bed into the wall to make room? That's right. Today I'll introduce you a small space saving weapon ---- wall bed

wall beds, also known as invisible beds, have appeared in European and American countries as early as the beginning of the 20th century. Because house prices have been rising in the past two years, wall beds are very popular in China, especially favored by the humble family, which is very suitable for small families

next, I will introduce some beautiful and practical wall bed designs

at first glance, it looks like a large locker. Where is the bed? Don't worry, let's continue to look down

this is “ Big cabinet ” From the back of the cabinet, you can see that there is a movable door that can slide left and right, and there is also an exhaust vent on the right side. There is a black partition in the middle that can be put down as a temporary table. The versatility of the external space can be imagined that there is a lot of space inside the cabinet

back to the front of the locker, we can see that the mystery is that there is a big bed hidden in the locker. When the bed is lifted up during non rest periods, it can be put into the cabinet. When sleeping, the bed is pulled down, which is not only space saving, but also convenient and practical

this is the front display of the wall bed. Strictly speaking, this is not a wall bed hidden in the wall, but it is also an excellent idea to save space, which can be regarded as a deformation of the wall bed

from the display of four different sides, we can see that the storage space of the whole locker is rich, and books can be stored on both sides. After the partition and storage are put away, the locker changes back to the original integrated layout, with a neat introduction and no space

this wall bed is more common than the previous one. Dig out space on the wall in the traditional way, and then put the bed in. While saving space, it can also save a lot of trouble in cleaning

this wall bed is a single wall bed. It should be noted that the wall bed also has requirements for mattresses. Generally, the weight of a single wall bed mattress is required to be about 25kg, and the weight of a double wall bed mattress is required to be about 32kg. (due to the different designations of each manufacturer, you should follow the specifications of the manufacturer.). If the mattress is too thin, it will cause the wall bed to rebound automatically after opening

the types of wall beds are mainly divided into straight wall beds, side wall beds, double wall beds, wall table beds and sofa wall beds. The selection of wall beds is different from that of ordinary beds, and the following points need to be noted:

1. Convenience and safety of operation

a good design will have resilience when it is stowed

b a good product has a good buffer during the pull-down process. It does not need to be supported by people, and it will not impact the floor. Even if it is misoperated, it will not hurt people

c good products don't need a lot of strength when they are stowed. They have a very good force reduction design, and even small people won't have difficulty in operation

2. Stability, bearing capacity and design rationality of the bed

a whether the bed frame is stable depends on the thickness, material, structural design rationality and connection reliability of the frame first, and then shake the frame with force to see whether it is stable. There is no shaking on good design and high-quality products

b whether the bed is stable. You can push the bed in the same direction to see whether there is shaking. In addition, you can see the anti bending ability of the side of the bed. If the design of the bed is unreasonable, people who are slightly heavier will generally sit on the bed from the side and make a sound, and there will be obvious bending

c according to the unit double standard, let a big person go to bed and do some reasonable impact actions to observe the bearing capacity of the bed

3. Service life

the service life of vulnerable parts of wall bed, such as air rod, can reach more than 15000 times

put a wall bed at home, and the small space can be magically used immediately. It can also facilitate relatives and friends to no longer squeeze the sofa when they are guests. What are you waiting for? Get started quickly





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