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Everyone wants their new house decoration to be unique, and they want to integrate their ideas into the decoration. Therefore, choosing a favorite home decoration style is the first step to install a new house. So, what decoration styles are popular in today's decoration market? Today, Xiaobian has prepared some popular network decoration styles for you. Let's have a look

first, the decoration style big dish point

1, simple style

simple style is not to say that simple and simple decoration is over at once. Simple style focuses on simplified layout, simplified decoration and simplified furniture. By creating a strong sense of space, it brings people an environmental experience of decompression. The overall layout of simple style takes just as the measure boundary, and uses exquisite and simple decoration to express the attitude towards life, which is one of the preferred styles for small and medium-sized households. Very suitable for: people who like simple life and open style

2. Modern style

modern style has always been called practical home style. Modern style is very functional in pattern design and decoration. The concepts of one thing for multiple purposes and one hall for multiple changes are mostly derived from modern style. In terms of color matching, it pays attention to the correspondence between depth and shade, the primary and secondary collocation, and the high degree of durability. Now it can be said that it is also a kind of home decoration style closest to the urban tone, as if it is tailored for the metropolis. Very suitable for: small white-collar workers, art lovers

3. Rural pastoral style

rural pastoral, as the name suggests, is to leave the city and go to nature. The rural style originated from the American countryside, integrating the elements of farm and pasture into the soft clothing, giving people a feeling of being in nature and returning to nature. In terms of color, the warm color matching of the whole house makes the afternoon full of warmth. Very suitable for: literati, people who like nature

4. New Chinese style

new Chinese style is based on Chinese style “ Mix and match ” Style. It mainly combines the classic decorative elements of traditional Chinese style with modern decoration to meet the aesthetic needs of modern urbanites. The overall tone of the new Chinese style is very atmospheric, which combines the sense of the times with fashion, and is popular with literary people. Very suitable for: literati, art lovers and people who like traditional culture

5. European style

European style, which can be said to be a classic style among classics, has been enduring for many years. In European style, white is the main color tone, and then it is matched with furniture decoration with a straight line feeling, showing a unique high-level feeling. The details are also exquisite, so the overall decoration cost is not low, which is more suitable for large-area or villa house type decoration

article summary: the above is all the contents of the decoration style and five popular decoration styles prepared by the editor for you. Each decoration style has its unique charm, and it is the most important to suit yourself. Therefore, before decoration, you can look at some decoration style cases to determine




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