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Application status of new ink technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging in 2013

ink technology is a major aspect of the application of printing technology in anti-counterfeiting packaging. The application of ink technology to anti-counterfeiting packaging is realized by changing the formula of ink or adding some special sensitive materials, such as photosensitive materials, thermal materials, magnetic materials, etc. to ordinary ink. The trademarks printed with these special inks have some unique characteristics. Consumers can identify the authenticity of the goods according to different characteristics. The trademarks themselves are not easy to be imitated, and have the effect of anti-counterfeiting packaging because of the specific gravity: 1.07g/cm

many factors need to be considered in order to reasonably apply ink technology to anti-counterfeiting packaging and achieve ideal anti-counterfeiting effect, including the selection of printing methods, the selection of printing machines, the processing of printed parts, the use of ink base materials, printing costs and enterprise technical level, etc

printing ink for anti-counterfeiting packaging refers to the printing ink that shows special performance under certain conditions after printing by adding an appropriate amount of special substances in the preparation of printing ink in order to make the packaged and printed products have certain anti-counterfeiting ability. Changeable special substances form a variety of anti-counterfeiting packaging inks

thermal ink the pigment of thermal ink can change color according to the change of temperature, and different temperatures show different colors. There are a series of chain reactions caused by overload of pigments that can show thermal discoloration characteristics. Commonly used pigments include crystal structure change type, thermal decomposition type, crystal transfer type, etc. At present, there are many kinds of thermal printing inks on the market, which can basically meet the requirements of thermal discoloration. However, there are great differences in characteristics between different types. For example, liquid crystal inks have good color change, metal chromate inks have strong light resistance, fuel printing inks have bright colors and good packaging and decoration effects

magnetic inkthe pigments used in magnetic inks are magnetic materials, such as ferric oxide, which are commonly used. The residual magnetism is relatively high. The continuous material is usually alkyd resin. Other pigments can also be added to the magnetic inks to obtain inks of various colors. Magnetic ink used in anti-counterfeiting packaging mainly forms a secret anti-counterfeiting function. A certain part of the package is printed with magnetic ink, which can be detected by special means, so as to form a secret anti-counterfeiting

fluorescent ink and phosphorescent ink fluorescent ink is made by dissolving the luminescent material in the corresponding resin. The particles of fluorescent pigments are generally large, and there are many types of binders. Different binders will produce different fluorescence. When using fluorescent inks, it is necessary to ensure that they have sufficient brightness, and the ink layer on the printed products should be thicker, so as to ensure satisfactory fluorescence effect. The printing products printed with fluorescent ink are bright in color and have good decoration effect. Under the action of visible light and ultraviolet light, they can emit glittering fluorescence

the way to overcome the above disadvantages is the use of anti-counterfeiting ink. Enterprises can directly arrange the printing machinery on the packaging line, and the anti-counterfeiting ink can be prepared by themselves. According to different dates, different products can adopt different formulas, which can ensure the safety of ink formulas, and there is no disadvantage that trademarks flow into others' hands. In fact, among all the anti-counterfeiting methods, secret anti-counterfeiting is the most reliable one. Many large enterprises in the world rely on secret anti-counterfeiting to keep their famous brands, such as Coca Cola company and Jianlibao company, without exception. B. requirements of Jinan experimental machine for fixture data: rely on secret anti-counterfeiting

over time, each anti-counterfeiting ink will lose its novelty, but as long as we use it properly, its service life will be extended. It is a good way to use anti-counterfeiting ink in combination. There are two main methods to use anti-counterfeiting ink in combination:

one is to combine the characteristics of two or more anti-counterfeiting inks to form a new anti-counterfeiting ink

second, characters or patterns are printed with two or more anti-counterfeiting inks. For example, if you print a pattern like a bar code, you can use magnetic anti-counterfeiting ink to print the strip of the pattern, and use heat per ink to print the space of the pattern. Obviously, doing so will improve the technical content of the anti-counterfeiting ink. If this composite method can be used, it will receive better anti-counterfeiting effect

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