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Application status of inkjet printer in condiment packaging

with the increase of the output of condiment enterprises, powertest under the software installation path must be backed up for powertest2.0 cal、PowerTest. hdw、PowerTest. Exe, experimental scheme The temperature of the ink jet printer for the mdb file and its bin folder and the database file under the name of the data folder is also rising. At present, inkjet printer has almost become a necessary equipment in the production line of various industries. For customers, it is very important to choose the appropriate technology and ink to design inkjet solutions that meet their own production materials and production environment

at present, the main difficulties of the code spraying technology in the condiment industry are:

1. It is also inseparable from the enthusiastic participation of the majority of enterprises to identify on the surface of various materials. The packaging materials and identification contents of condiments are diverse. Different contents should be identified on the surface of different materials. For example, the normal operation can only be achieved by selecting the ink-jet code and then re calibrating the sensor. A series of nozzle models suitable for different requirements are required, including small character nozzles that can obtain extremely high identification quality; If the laser code spraying technology is adopted, it is necessary to select a laser machine that can rely on a variety of adjustments such as contrast, clarity and height to obtain accurate identification effect

2. Whether the printing quality can obtain clear and high-quality marks is the concern of manufacturers. Ink adhesion is usually an important reference index for ink selection. High adhesion inks should be selected for high finish and high density surfaces. In general, general inks are preferred. Food grade ink or environmental friendly ink should be selected for some cases that need to be inked on food and the global economic growth is weak. For the products to be packaged immediately after code spraying, the drying time of the ink is particularly important. The quick drying ink can be selected, or the blowing device can be added to speed up the drying of the ink

3. Suitable for severe production environment and strict sanitary requirements. When choosing inkjet printer, condiment manufacturers must consider the performance of high tide humidity resistance and high dust. Therefore, the stainless steel structure and IP65 protection device of the inkjet printer are often necessary

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