Application status of flexographic printing market

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On the application status of flexographic printing market

flexographic printing accounts for three major markets in packaging and printing: label, flexible packaging and folding carton

decorative packaging is widely used in daily necessities, especially in food packaging. The global output of packaging products exceeded US $1.3 billion

it is expected that the flexo printing application market will have a strong growth: the self-adhesive label will grow at a rate of 6-8% per year, the flexible packaging will grow at a rate of 5-7% per year, and the folding carton will grow at a rate of 8% per year

1. Label market

growth of flexographic printing: with the continuous economic development, high-end labels will further refine the basic market, reduce the cost of self-adhesive labels and other forms of decoration, and the emerging middle class in emerging regions has promoted the development of consumer goods (see Table 1)

estimated annual growth rate of the component use market high-end decoration and information health care and beauty, wine and other wine bottles, drugs 10% basic decoration and information drinks, retail products, automobile 7% traditional information labels, logistics management, labeling 6% (non RFID)

trend: call for inhibition and increasing attention to high-end products, such as the use of self-adhesive labels on wine bottles. (3) Pour concrete with strength grade not less than C20 in the pit

2 Flexible packaging market

in this market, narrow width flexographic printing shows a growth momentum (see Table 2)

estimated annual growth rate of the component use market: 6% for traditional packaging decoration, information and container food and daily necessities; 13% for shrink packaging decoration and information beverage; 7% for bags, packaging decoration, information and container food and daily necessities.

market growth drivers: the application of narrow width flexographic printing is growing, and vertical bags and zipper bags are widely used

development trend: the quality of flexographic printing reaches or even exceeds that of other printing quality. The market localization promotes the printing volume to be smaller and smaller, increasing the demand for efficient products

3. Folding carton Market

in carton printing, flexographic printing is cheaper, more efficient and more flexible than other printing methods (see Table 3)

estimated annual growth rate of the constituent use market the use of cardboard as carton decoration, information and new materials is expected to help the popularization of electric vehicles. Container daily necessities, consumer goods, health care and beauty 8% (flexo printing) transparent box decoration, information and container health care and beauty 15%

the driving force of market growth is the development of emerging markets and the use of flexo printing technology, In mature markets, production efficiency is the first consideration of processors

the trend is that quality is no longer the main problem, and more attention is paid to value-added to increase application value, such as transparent boxes

globally, narrow width flexographic printing accounts for 50% of the label market, 17% of the folding carton Market and 2% of the flexible packaging market

the market development trend in China is that labels have increased by 15%. Due to structural factors, the development of flexo printing has been widely concerned, and environmental protection issues have been paid more and more attention. Flexo printing is considered to be conducive to environmental protection

the on-line flexographic printing process has an extraordinary and competitive speed, eliminates the waste residue and material treatment in the process, makes the short version production more economical and effective, reduces the maintenance cost of the equipment, and provides a variety of flexibility:

realize on-line back printing

online glazing (water-based, UV, local, EB)

bronzing, embossing and cold pressing

film covering

variable data printing

online RFID

as for the application of RFID technology, RFID tags can be made using online flexo processing technology, and some processors require solutions to improve development

the focus of the market is to shift from the printing cost to the total cost, and support the shift from paper products to films. The special market makes the printing volume smaller, turning to self-adhesive labels, and the offset paper boxes/labels turn to online processing to complete the processing at one time

according to the environmental standards, toluene and MEK are the most dangerous and have been banned. Harmful gases and residues have been stopped by CpG. The number of large solvent plants in California has been reduced from 12 to 2 within two years

uv ink and water ink flexo printing do not need special treatment, so many printing houses turn to flexo printing

flexographic printing technology has promoted the improvement of quality level and the reduction of total cost, and continues to compete for the market share of gravure printing and offset printing. For example, Coca Cola claims that flexographic printing has met its requirements for quality and stability, Anheuser Busch announced that it will change the original offset adhesive paper label to the film label using flexographic printing and gravure printing

in terms of productivity and time spent, offset printing takes more time, processes and manpower, while flexo printing is much easier

from the actual cost economic analysis, the cost of flexo printing is much lower than that of gravure printing

we look at the development of flexo printing from the application of packaging (mainly in North America and Europe), as shown in Table 4 (information sources: eskographics and DuPont)

business statistics and market outlook are shown in Figure 4

materials offset flexo gravure screen printing embossed digital printing label since "1035" ↗ ↗ Emerging folding carton ↘ Plastic film/foil emerging corrugated box ↘ Emerging metal cans and other containers show emerging Legends: (strong growth), (rapid decline)

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