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Application status of galvanometer laser marking in the food industry

in addition to maintaining good product quality, food should also let consumers know the production date and storage date of the product to avoid eating expired products. Therefore, inkjet printer plays a light and heavy role in the food production line

1969, the world's first commercial ink inkjet printer was born in vidige company of the United States, thus creating the history of inkjet printer. Since then, many companies around the world have launched small font ink jet printer, carton large font ink jet printer and other products. Representative companies in the world: dominoes in the UK, IMAS in France, vidige in the US, and Willy in the UK. In the past 10 years, the laser marking (inkjet) machine came out and has been continuously improved. Representative companies in the world: after opening up European and American markets, companies such as CLC began to enter China's huge food and beverage market

1989, the products of France IMAS entered the Chinese market; In 1994, the products of American laser control company officially entered China, and the agent company is Beijing Ted Laser Technology Co., Ltd; In 1994, the products of VDJ entered China; In 1995, China domino Inkjet Technology Co., Ltd. was established; In 1999, it was found that the emergency switch did not work. 5. The beam did not work because it was not level. In 1999, British Lingxin companies entered China: these companies have established strong development, production, sales and service systems in China, and their products have become necessary equipment for the food production line

the current inkjet printer can be divided into two categories: ink inkjet printer and laser self marking (inkjet) printer: the product development of ink inkjet printer is early, the price is cheaper than laser printer, and it still dominates the market. Ink jet printer is divided into continuous ink jet and instruction jet according to the principle; According to the font size, it is divided into small font and large font; According to the printing speed, it can be divided into super high speed, high speed, standard speed and slow speed

laser self marking (code spraying) machines are mainly divided into nozzle type and galvanometer type. In recent years, domino, Lingxin and other enterprises specializing in the production of ink inkjet printer have successively developed sprinkler type laser inkjet printer. As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, CLC is the main supplier of galvanometer laser marking machine

what the laser inkjet printer prints is a permanent mark that cannot be erased. It is formed by instant vaporization of the laser directly on the surface of the object. It can be distinguished by the naked eye without the help of any auxiliary tools, which is convenient for consumers to identify. And no consumables, more convenient maintenance. But why can't the ink jet printer be widely used and replaced at present? Harbin Institute of technology and China Air Force Research Laboratory cooperated to complete the laser inkjet printer because it uses the principle of ink inkjet printer and the characteristics of laser, but the effect of printing is still dot matrix, which can not create more commercial value for users

the laser principle of the laser marking machine is the same as the above, except that it uses a galvanometer to control the laser output, and the marks are linear marks. It breaks through the standardization and singleness of traditional ink-jet coding technology, creates a brand-new marking method, highlights the product characteristics and brand differences, improves the competitiveness of products in the increasingly competitive market, and provides a powerful tool for shortening the product upgrading cycle and flexible production. Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users can realize laser marking output as long as they program on the computer. It can also produce clear marks on several materials or convex and concave irregular surfaces at the same time, with the unique effect of "a dozen double marks" or "cross stitch marks", which is not easy to copy

the laser can form a very thin beam, and the width of the thinnest line on the material surface can reach 0.1mm, creating a wide space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting. Not only can complex characters, graphics, images, transparent keys, trademark design, bar codes, two-dimensional codes, product serial numbers, autographs, etc. be marked, but any graphics and words displayed on the fluorescent screen can be immediately marked on the designated material surface. Laser marking can also improve the appearance and brand effect of products, and enhance the market competitiveness of products

CLC is a professional laser marking machine manufacturing company with the highest market share in the laser marking system market in the United States. The cocordec02 series laser marking machines are widely used in food, beverage, daily chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries and high-speed production lines of various industrial products. It adopts a totally enclosed maintenance free laser optical system, which can be installed and used immediately without adjustment. The specially designed galvanometer scanning system and programmable power supply system can automatically adjust the optimal power supply current, stabilize the laser output power, and ensure high-precision and high-speed marking. The two-way alarm system monitors the workpiece detector (sensor) and laser controller to ensure the continuity and reliability of operation. Concorde provides a user operating system based on Microsoft Windows. The user system is a complete graphical interface, an intuitive computer-aided design tool, and an independent programming operating environment. Its complete and powerful functions are among the best in the industry. 3. Automatic sample clamping. The unique marking technology of this model has been successfully applied to the "Golden Arowana" edible oil in China. And many enterprises are studying how to apply this new technology to their products, such as Wahaha, uni president, Tsingtao beer, Zhujiang Beer, Harbin beer, Changyu Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Sanjiu group, etc

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