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What are the application technical characteristics and innovation points of double track trolley suspension conveyor

1. The double track overhead layout is adopted to greatly improve the bearing weight and the stability of heavy-duty wide body workpiece conveying

2. The traditional four chain hoist is replaced by four belt hoist to avoid oil pollution to the tank liquid. Improve the service life of equipment. At the international leading level

3. The double rail middle non bearing rail driving mode is adopted to make the average tensile strength, constant force elongation, constant elongation force value and yield strength of the conveyor uniform during operation, so as to make the system run more smoothly. It is at the international leading level when conducting experiments

innovation points

1. Application of track change technology

① as the distance of the frame lifting point sweeping the plane changes when the conveyor turns, in order to adapt to the change, the floating principle is used to connect the suspender with the upper frame in the form of floating rail, so that the stress condition is the same as that of the straight rail

② the application of track change technology greatly improves the reliability and flexibility of double track conveyor

③ reduce the wear of guide wheel and track, and make the operation durable and stable

2. Deviation correction technology of lifting belt

design the sling positioning device to save the results to the database, which can better solve the deviation problem of lifting belt

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