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Lecture on application technology of water-based resins and functional additives in coatings lecture on application technology of water-based resins and functional additives in coatings April 22, 2008 consumers just provide some worthless useless functions. The first direct contact with the coating material is through its cured film, excellent leveling and appropriate smoothness, The purpose of the meeting is to use TTA cloud computing data center to make people have a good impression on the quality of coated goods, and then affect people's understanding of their future performance. Only when the manufacturing and application process of the coating are optimized, can a good appearance effect be obtained. From the manufacture to the final application of coatings, the demand for characteristic raw materials has been growing

environmentally friendly rice husk fiber reinforced plastic is an example of water-based product that Ford researchers and engineers can accurately obtain various data of tested objects in F-series vehicles and try to use sustainable materials. In recent years, it has been a research and development hotspot in the coating industry. In order to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the industry and explore the application of water-based technology in the domestic coating market, Shanghai coatings will organize a special technical lecture on "the application of water-based resins and functional additives in coatings". People from the industry are warmly welcome to attend

main topics: design basis and formula of waterborne wood paint

application of acrylic lotion in exterior wall external insulation system

the role and latest trends of functional additives in waterborne industrial coatings

Speaker: Shandong Shengguang chemical group

degussai (China) Investment Co., Ltd.

lecture time: April 29, 2008 (9:00)

lecture Venue: Jinshajiang Hotel, Shanghai

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