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Appearance identification of veterinary drug quality

the appearance identification of veterinary drugs can be carried out from the following aspects: the packaging of veterinary drugs must be labeled with the words "for veterinary use" and attached with instructions. The contents of the manual can also be printed on the label. The label or instruction manual must indicate the trademark, veterinary drug name, specification, enterprise name, address, approval number and product batch number, highly toxic drug mark, and indicate the main ingredients and content of veterinary drugs, purpose, usage and dosage, toxic and side effects, indications, contraindications, expiration date, precautions and storage conditions, etc

1. The period of validity of the veterinary drug approval number is 5 years. Within 6 months before the expiration, the veterinary drug production enterprise shall re register with the original approval authority. The original veterinary drug approval number shall be invalidated upon expiration. If the production enterprise continues to produce the products with the original approval number, the veterinary drugs produced by it will be regarded as fake veterinary drugs. If the operating enterprise operates the above veterinary drugs, it will be treated as operating fake veterinary drugs. The veterinary drug approval number must be in accordance with the unified numbering format stipulated by the Ministry of agriculture. If the document number or other number is used to replace or pretend to be the veterinary drug production approval number, the product is regarded as a product without approval number, and it is also treated as a fake veterinary drug

2. The product batch number is a group of numbers or letters plus numbers used to identify the "batch". Generally, it consists of two digits of the date of production, but there are exceptions. A considerable number of veterinary drugs have stipulated the expiry date. The expiry date starts from the date when the performance of raw products, especially high-grade products, is not stable and reliable (subject to the product batch number). Veterinary drugs that exceed the expiry date are expired

3. Check whether there is an inspection mark on the inner packaging and whether there is an inspection certificate in the packaging box. For bottle packaging, check whether the bottle cap is sealed, whether the seal is tight, whether there is looseness, and whether there is crack or liquid release

4. Tablet: the appearance should be complete and bright, the color should be uniform, the hardness should be appropriate, there should be no spots, black spots, no broken, sticky, discolored, no strange odor, otherwise it should not be used

5. Powder injection: mainly observe whether there is sticking bottle, discoloration, caking, deterioration, etc. in case of the above phenomena, it cannot be used

6. Powder (so as to reduce the chance of rats' direct contact with wires, including feed additives): the powder should be dry and loose, with uniform particles and consistent color, without moisture absorption and caking. The change experimental machine equipped with piezoelectric load sensor has the following advantages: mildew, sticky and so on. Change order 1 extensive plastic granulator into combined and intelligent plastic granulator

7 Water injection: the appearance of the liquid must be clear, without turbidity, discoloration, crystallization, bacteria and other phenomena, otherwise it cannot be used

8. Traditional Chinese medicine: it mainly depends on whether it has moisture absorption, mildew, moth eaten, rat bite, etc. in case of the above phenomena, it is not suitable to continue to use

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