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The "Advanced Control Engineer (APCE) qualification" certification training of Zhejiang central control company

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the "Advanced Control Engineer (APCE)" training jointly organized by the enterprise integrated automation training center, the Institute of advanced control of Zhejiang University, and the China instrumentation society will be held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, and is now accepting applications

1. Course schedule

course name time specific time description

apce 2008.07 08.1 Advanced Control Engineer

2 Training objectives

1) understand the overall solution of enterprise integrated automation

2) master the concept of advanced control

3) master the principle of soft measurement and modeling

4) master the principles of model predictive control and intelligent control

5) understand the implementation method of advanced control

3. After the training of the obtained certificate

is completed, the following certificates will be obtained after passing the examination:

1) qualification certificate of measurement control and instrumentation engineer

trainees who pass the training and examination and have the basic conditions of "measurement control and Instrumentation Engineer (Senior Engineer)" can obtain the qualification certificate of measurement control and Instrumentation Engineer (Senior Engineer) on the premise of voluntary registration, This certificate is issued by the China instrumentation society. For the basic conditions of "measurement control and Instrumentation Engineer (Senior Engineer)", the information and functions of the qualification certificate can be found in:

(1) measurement control and instrumentation has a high-level R & D talent and technical team including academician workstation and 1000 experts, instrument engineer qualification certification station:

(2) China instrumentation society station:

2) continuing education certificate

this certificate is jointly issued by the China United College of continuing education and the China instrumentation society. The contents recorded are included in the continuing education registration system implemented by the Ministry of personnel nationwide, which effectively avoids the impact on the sample when leveling the electromechanical start-up, as an important part of the assessment of professional and technical personnel and an important basis for employment, professional qualifications and talent flow

3) Enterprise Integrated Automation Engineer (cipse) qualification certificate

according to the training content, you can obtain one or more cipse qualifications. Cipse qualification certificates include: "Advanced Control Engineer (APCE) qualification certificate", "Production Execution System Engineer (MESE) qualification certificate", which is jointly issued by the Institute of advanced control of Zhejiang University and enterprise integrated automation training center. After registration, you can pass Network query

4. Curriculum and training teachers

1) see

http://bbs. Door Jisa 4702 ⑴ tid=8017

2) see training instructors:


5 Contact method

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contact address: D4 (310053), zhongkong Science Park, Liuhe Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

contact person:

Miss Zheng


E_ mail:zhengfang@

7. Note: if you need an invitation, please call to get it

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