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Golden light group app copy paper inherits classics and achieves good results again

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recently, golden light group app's "flagship", "Avro", "future world" and other brands have been successful, and the average cost per mu is no more than 30 yuan, winning the "Sinopec bidding project"

adhere to the concept of sustainable development of environmental protection paper making, which can also provide various equipment information at the same time. All products of the app of the golden light group are derived from artificially planted trees. Its "golden flagship" is a landmark brand that has served the central government units for 20 consecutive years. The paper is thick and straight, and the fiber bonding is strong, which can reduce dust generation, be more environmentally friendly and healthier. Countries all over the world have always maintained a high enthusiasm for its research

at the same time, app of golden light group has continuously improved its papermaking technology, used scientific and technological forces to improve efficiency for modern office, and provided mankind with more environmentally friendly and excellent paper

from August 15 to September 11, the "golden flagship" will tour with a big gift bag for 28 days! At present, the "golden flagship" has been amazingly unveiled in 41 subway stations in Beijing, and Beijing subway is booming

inherit classics and be the guardian of papermaking culture. Most consumers have not clarified the significance of environmental protection of shopping bags. In the future, app of Jinguang group will continue to actively drive the healthy development of environmental protection paper industry with the concept of sustainable development, and further strive to provide high-quality environmental protection products for Chinese and even global consumers

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