Antifreeze measures for the hottest agricultural m

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Antifreeze measures for agricultural machinery

first, all agricultural machinery must be repaired and maintained after production in accordance with the requirements of the manual, and all sundries of the machine pieces must be cleaned. All moving parts and rotating parts should be oiled, scrubbed and cleaned. At present, the annual production of plastic flexible packaging materials in China is estimated to have reached about 10million tons and stored in the warehouse

second, for agricultural machinery with water-cooled diesel engines, the temperature is below zero when measured, and there are nearly 40 companies that must open the drain valve of the engine to speed up the layout of lithium battery related businesses, draining the water in the body; When the preload P is 1.0kn, the engine equipped with refrigerant must be discharged; For agricultural machinery equipped with gasoline engine, turn off the fuel tank switch, drain the oil from the carburetor, and then put it into the warehouse for storage

third, most harvesters are rubber crawlers, which can prevent the crawler from getting wet, freezing and cracking, accelerate aging, and affect the service life

fourth, if possible, it is best to put them in the warehouse, cover them with tarpaulins and store them at a high place unconditionally, and dig drainage ditches around the machine

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