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Appearance, specification and size of medicinal glass infusion bottles (III)

4. Physical and chemical properties and inspection. Therefore, dandelion rubber is considered by the industry as a technical solution to alleviate the shortage of natural rubber. Inspection rules ⑴: other physical and chemical properties and inspection rules of medicinal glass infusion bottles are implemented in accordance with the standard for packaging materials and containers in direct contact with drugs issued by the State Food and drug administration. See YBB for sodium calcium glass infusion bottle; See YBB for borosilicate glass infusion bottle; See YBB for low borosilicate glass infusion bottle

⑴ the standards involved in the "physical and chemical properties and inspection rules" shall be implemented with reference to the latest version of each standard

no explore the qdlp (qualified domestic limited partner) model of venture capital market rmal align=center> standard of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

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normal align=center> preparation instructions

the significance of formulating Association standards

normal> standard of China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association aims to improve the market on a voluntary basis, and under the framework of national policies and regulations, It shall provide unified coordination and services for resources, market access, price regulation, service standards, information exchange, safety, quality and environmental protection, and gradually cultivate and standardize the domestic market. It shall be consciously and voluntarily implemented by member units, and has no legal effect of enforcement and administrative punishment


II. Introduction to the content of this standard

normal> task source: in July 2005, in order to ensure the smooth elimination of natural rubber corks for large-scale infusion, solve the poor compatibility of specifications and dimensions in the relevant product standards for infusion glass bottles, butyl rubber corks, and aluminum plastic caps, the bottle mouths designed by individual enterprises have made some noticeable problems of unreasonable production process. At the same time, in order to control the waste of resources With the increase of costs, the adverse competition in the industry and the improvement of the overall production technology level of the industry, China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association held a coordination meeting of infusion, butyl rubber stopper and aluminum plastic cap manufacturers in Beijing, and decided to formulate the standard of appearance, specification and size of pharmaceutical glass infusion bottles issued by China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association

normal> formulation principle: according to the suggestions of the majority of member units and the actual production situation, in order to realize the effective utilization of social resources, this standard is formulated in accordance with the principles of safety, effectiveness and practicality

normal> content and scope of application: this standard only involves the appearance, specification and size of medical glass infusion bottles. The relevant inspection standards and various performances of glass infusion bottles are still in accordance with the packaging materials and containers standards for direct contact with drugs issued by the State Food and Drug Administration:

normal>ybb sodium calcium glass infusion bottles; YBB low borosilicate glass infusion bottle; YBB borosilicate glass infusion bottle. If there is a new version, refer to the latest version


norma21st century is a century of environmental protection l> three related data notes:

normal>a-type bottle standard related data notes: the national standard A-type bottle has been used for more than 20 years. At present, the products of large-scale infusion pharmaceutical companies using this type of bottle have been internationally recognized, and the technology has been stable and mature, so this bottle type is retained

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