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The outline and installation of PS1 series of motor soft starter

the outline and installation dimensions of PS1 series are shown in the figure, as shown in the table

Figure PS1 series soft starter outline and installation dimensions

c - installation hole diameter

(I) outline and installation dimensions

table PS1 series soft starter installation dimensions table

hp (horsepower) dimension (inch) open panel nema1 nema4/12/3r (1) (3) 240v380v480v575vhwdabchwdabchwdabc1 ~ 253 ~ 403 ~ 505 ~ 601513.5913.512.90.3 use nema121615.99.812.2150.330 ~ 40

50 ~ 60

60 ~ 75

75 ~ 100

517.50.431.724.31230.3180.42424.. 20.450~60




. 517.50.431.724.31230.3180.43028.. 20.375~100




271911.525.517.50.437.. 3180.436*30*13*34.5*28.5*0.5125~200




29.. 517.50.443.73013.143.2240.448*36*17*46.5*33*0.5 continued table

hp (horsepower) size (inch) open panel nelia1nema4/12/3r (1) (3) 240v380v480v575vhwdabchwdabchwdabc250 ~ 300

350 ~ 450

500 ~ 600

600 ~ 700

453314.443.231.20.449.73615.249.2300.461.7*36*17.5*61.2*30*0.4350 ~ 500

500 ~ 701) the single transverse slope structure will cause the shear lag coefficient at the lower side of the web to increase by 0

700 ~ 1000


800 ~ 1125

contact the manufacturer. Note: the corresponding devices marked with * in the bottom four lines corresponding to nema4/12/3r are equipped with bypass contactors. If you want to choose a ventilated nema12 control cabinet shell with sealing gasket and filter, please contact the manufacturer

(II) installation

1 Site requirements

in order to obtain the predetermined design performance and normal service life, PS1 series should be installed correctly. PS1 should be installed in the following environments

(1) ambient operating temperature:

① packaged device: 0 ~ 40 ℃

② chassis type device: 0 ~ 50 ℃

(2) rainproof and moisture proof

(3) humidity: 5% - 95%, no atomization

(4) keep away from metal particles, conductive dust and corrosive gases

(5) the open panel controller should be installed in a suitable packaging box, and its packaging size and model must be suitable for emitting the heat generated by the thyristor. Users can contact the manufacturer

2. Component inspection

before installing the PS1 device, you should comprehensively check whether all components are damaged during transportation, so as to save costs for the enterprise. Report the damage in time before commissioning. Check the possible loose mechanical parts and broken wires during transportation and installation. Loose electrical wiring will increase the resistance and cause equipment malfunction. Before installation, check whether the rated voltage of the motor and PS1 is consistent with the installation method of the adhesive stripping force tester, and its power should match it. Check that the full load current (FLA) of the motor should match the rated value of the PS1 nameplate. Check the overload current setting value on the nameplate of the overload relay in PS1 device to make the full load current (FLA) of the motor fall within its regulation range

3. Precautions

do not overhaul the equipment when the control equipment is connected to the external power supply, otherwise fatal electric shock will occur. In order to avoid electric shock, the main power supply and control power supply should be disconnected before overhauling the controller. Warning signs must be pasted on the terminal control box and control panel, which must comply with local electrical safety standards

4. Installation and cleaning

when drilling holes on the control box, cover the electronic components to avoid the accumulation of metal debris to the parts that are not easy to clean or can cause short circuit of electronic devices. After work, carefully clean the site and things irrelevant to PS1 device, and ensure that there is enough space around PS1 series controller for cooling, wiring and maintenance. In order to increase the effective flow of gas and facilitate cooling, the heat dissipation fins should be installed vertically and parallel to the installation surface to facilitate air flow

in a dirty or polluted environment, the device should be cleaned regularly for cooling. Do not clean it with chemicals. Clean and dry compressed air of 5.6 ~ 7kg/cm2 can be used to blow away the dust on the surface. Before blowing away the dust, a high-quality brush can also be used to brush off the dust before the whole set of price is relatively expensive

warning: disconnect all power supplies before cleaning

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