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Corrosion prevention scheme for high-temperature pipeline of smelting furnace exhaust gas

corrosion prevention scheme for high-temperature pipeline of smelting furnace exhaust gas

August 4, 2017

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smelting furnace is the core equipment of metallurgical enterprises, and the common ones are lead melting furnace, copper smelting furnace, aluminum smelting furnace, etc. their role is high-temperature melting, and the temperature is above 1000 degrees, because there is not much flying dust in the melting process, but high-temperature tail gas, Therefore, it is directly discharged after cooling through the heat exchanger

however, the inlet pipe temperature of tail gas is about 300 ℃ -600 ℃, and the temperature of heat exchanger is also about one or two hundred degrees. All belong to high-temperature equipment, which has serious high-temperature corrosion, which accelerates the corrosion rate of pipelines and heat exchangers, shortens the service life, and increases unnecessary costs

Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and production of high-temperature anti-corrosion coatings. It is the only Beijing cooperative enterprise that converts military industry to civilian use. With a number of patented technologies, it is a high-tech experimental speed 200mm/min technology research and development group approved by the national development and Reform Commission. It focuses on high-temperature anti-corrosion for more than 30 years. Its zs-811 high-temperature anti-corrosion coating has always been a leading brand in the industry, It has been tested by tens of thousands of customers. It can be barbecued for a long time and has good anti-corrosion effect in the fire. ZS high temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating is a kind of waterborne inorganic coating, which can be used for long-term anti-corrosion in fire, and its hardness reaches 8h. The coating is a waterborne inorganic environmental protection coating, which has no volatilization of any harmful substances at room temperature and high temperature, is green and pollution-free

zs-811 high temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating adopts inorganic organic chelate grafting film-forming solution with temperature resistance of 2300 ℃ and highly activated anti-corrosion pigment to form a coating, which can react and combine with the atoms or ions of the material on the surface of the object quickly to form a triple protective effect of physical, chemical and electronic separation of the upper and lower jaws, and firmly bond with the surface of the substrate through chemical bonds and ionic bonds. It can protect the substrate from physical corrosion, chemical corrosion and electronic corrosion

high temperature resistant and anti-corrosion paint painted on high-temperature pipeline metal can effectively protect high-temperature pipeline metal from corrosion, improve acid and alkali resistance, protect metal from oxidation and sealing protection, and overcome the defects of ordinary anti-corrosion paint, such as extremely unsuitable under high temperature conditions, insufficient temperature resistance, easy to produce peeling, wrinkling, discoloration and so on. The coating has high stability, impact resistance and wear resistance. Zs-811 high temperature resistant anti-corrosion coating will react with other active molecules in high temperature environment, so that the upper pressing plate will contact the surface of the sample, and the service life of the high-temperature pipeline will be longer, slowing down the pipeline damage due to high-temperature corrosion

the application of high temperature and anti-corrosion coatings for many years has highlighted the performance and improved its scope of application. Over the years, Zhisheng Weihua high-temperature and anti-corrosion coatings have been widely used in aerospace, petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgical light industry, electric power and military systems. They are suitable for high-temperature corrosion protection of chimney pipes, high-temperature steam pipes, heat exchangers, high-temperature kilns, petroleum and petrochemical cracking equipment, engine components and exhaust pipes. It is believed that with the further development of technology and the improvement of formula, the application range of zs-811 high temperature anti-corrosion coating will be expanded

the temperature of the tail gas pipeline of the smelting furnace is far lower than that of the bearing of the high-temperature resistant coating, which will not only cause wear, scratches and other temperatures on the surface of some parts, but also can be used for pipeline corrosion, which can easily solve the high-temperature corrosion problem of the high-temperature tail gas pipeline of the smelting furnace

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