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SSE group's world's first exhibition of UVLED flat-panel inkjet printer

printing supplier SSE group made its world's first exhibition of small format flat-panel UVLED digital inkjet printer in 2013 at the Federation of European silk printing associations (fespa)

this UVLED device will be available in September. It is suitable for short-term promotional products and packaging printing of short version printing. The printing area of this machine is 600mmx4. See whether the workpiece can withstand the torque of 00mm in this range, and it can process substrate materials with a thickness of 130mm

at present, the price of the device is about 22000 pounds. It uses Mutoh's engine and Epson inkjet head. The printing resolution is 360360dpi to DPI. It can print CMYK, add white ink and polish. At the same time, SSE also officially launched eagle30and60 two small format lithographic presses to the UK market

these two printers, priced at 35000 pounds and 45000 pounds, are mainly aimed at the market of signs and promotional materials. These devices can print onto the surface of substrates and materials with a thickness of 250mm, and operate under specially designed RIP software and Epson DX5 nozzle

Scott, managing director? Armitage mentioned that now the supply and demand of the aluminum powder industry market is in oversupply. There are two British buyers, and the machine is expected to be signed this week. So far, many international customers are as interested in our equipment as British customers, he added

statement, but everything has two sides:

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