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Xinhan driverless pluggable cutting-edge digital signage player NDIS OPS

Xinhan digital signage player ops-m50 conforms to Intel open pluggable specification (OPS), which is designed to simplify the installation, update and maintenance of large-scale digital signage applications. NDIS ops-m50 is configured with mini PCIe and ultra-thin SATA SSD, so it integrates multiple functions and high storage performance in a small card, which can meet the needs of a variety of devices

digital signage player NDIS ops-m50 is based on 2.50 GHz Intel Core ie dual core processor, integrated with Intel graphics chip 3000, and complies with ops The size of the player is 200mm wide, 30mm high and 119mm deep. It is a space-saving design for inserting the display. The player also supports fewer cables, and supports DVI, UART, and USB2.0 signals through Jae 80 pin cable. NDIS ops-m50 can simplify system deployment and reduce installation costs. It also provides easier maintenance and update, and the replacement of the player does not need to disassemble the whole system

in addition, the digital signage player adopts the concept of COM express rather than the single board approach. This function enables it administrators to update the latest processor microarchitecture of NDIS ops-m50. This scalability not only reduces the maintenance cost of customers, but also extends the product life cycle and scalability in the future

ndis ops-m50 has functional scalability. It consists of 2 Mini PCIe slots and 3 antenna mounting holes, which can connect 3g/Wi Fi modules or TV coordinators; It also supports remote system management, content update and TV broadcasting. In addition, there is a screw to fix the top cover under the expansion slot to protect the mini PCIe module from theft

the top cover also protects the SATA ultra-thin solid state disk, or the optional 2.5 SATA storage unit. SATA ultra-thin hard disk is compact and upgradeable, but occupies less land and has high capacity. It is suitable for a wider operating temperature, allowing the player to meet environmental challenges and avoid damage


embedded Intel Core ie dual core processor

integrated Intel 3000 graphics chip

designed for open pluggable specification (OPS)

integrated slot, easy maintenance

DVI, UA then RT, and usb2.0

TV tuner/wlan

about Xinhan

founded in 1992, Xinhan computer, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, is committed to becoming the best partner of your trusted digital platform architecture. Thanks to the research and development team with top technical level and talent, my production line belongs to Changzhou cubic Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is often renowned for its innovative and pioneering products

adhering to these core values, and ordering 40 enterprises to rectify within a time limit to provide more and better services to customers, Xinhan has assembled its energy to form four business divisions in the world: digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), industrial computer solutions (ICS) and network security and communication solutions (NCS). These strategic layouts enable Xinhan to provide products and services that can be quickly listed and quickly cooperate with the project plan without increasing costs

In addition, the market service-oriented business model provides a highly competitive Xinhan strong world-class service network, such as personalized services, global logistics, localized access, and real-time technology support, which can enhance the R & D and manufacturing of enterprises, especially domestic enterprises, to produce better product support. The local branches include 7 branches in China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom. Xinhan can better meet and facilitate the needs of customers and work closely with partners in different regions of the world

it is particularly worth emphasizing that Xinhan provides a special level of customer customization service. Both Xinhan Taipei head office and its UK/US/China branch have obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification

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