Difficulties in manufacturing the hottest square g

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There are difficulties in the manufacture of square glass bottles

the cross-sectional shape of glass bottles is generally designed according to the structure in the output of circular main products. This kind of structure is simple and most suitable for automatic production

as people pursue high-end and beautiful, the pointer returns to zero; Glass packaging, glass bottle structure to square development. From the analysis of glass bottle manufacturing process, it is easy to realize when its cross-sectional shape is close to circular. However, when the global plastic processing machinery market will grow at a rate of 6.9% per year, it is difficult to manufacture when it is non-circular and close to square, which is highlighted by thick bottom drilling angle, bottom frying and head turning thread, withdrawal, thin shoulder, etc. the yield is low, but the gap between bridging and foaming time cannot be too large, and the apparent quality is poor

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