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The development of digital printing further requires the diversification of post press processing

digital printing is currently famous for its small batch, fast and personalized. However, digital printing technology represents the development direction of printing. At present, traditional printing still plays an important role, especially in long edition printing. There is no doubt about improving the automation of post press processing. However, the diversification of post press processing should be paid great attention to and better put into action now, especially in the future. Post press processing can be called "face Engineering", which "makes the finishing point" for the quality of printed products. Whether from the height of the market or the height of the print itself, it needs the diversification of post press processing

1. From a macro point of view, China has a large population. In the past, people wanted to be strong with one heart and worried about "shooting the first bird with a gun". Today, this concept has changed a lot. "Innovation" and "uniqueness" have been understood by many people, especially in marketing and advertising, and their novelty and uniqueness have been widely welcomed. Post press processing should also have such a height and vision

2. Most printed matter is put into the market. Whether it is newspapers, magazines, books, or all kinds of pictures, advertisements, etc., distinctive exterior decoration can always attract more attention. Just as products need advertising and promotion, the effect of post press processing on the basis of approved content should be one of the important reasons for people's desire to buy

3. The further development of digital printing and the full realization of personalized printing provide a broader stage for the diversification of post press processing

4. With the development of society, the field of giving printed matter specific functions will become larger and larger, and the technical content of post press processing and the operation steps and methods of fatigue endurance testing machine also need more and more, in order to meet people's growing work and life needs

the arrival of the era of multi-media co-existence and common transmission of information inevitably requires the continuous improvement of the quality of printed matter. At the same time, the artistic standard of post press processing technology should also be higher and higher

with the continuous development of wired and wireless networks, there will be more and more visual multimedia, and the effect will be better and better. Radio, television, Internet and e-books, pictures, and even soon can play a set height on the spot and stabilize through reading books and newspapers. Now, reading e-books in front of the computer will make your eyes tired. Maybe after only a few years, you will feel that there is little difference between reading e-books and reading words on paper. At the same time, browsing on the Internet will be more convenient and faster than actually reading. Multimedia is gradually devouring printed matter. The key core technology of diaphragm preparation, especially reverse osmosis membrane, and the scope of production capacity are living space. The size of living space and the length of living time are inseparable from the uniqueness and artistry of the words and pictures printed in real objects. Ink needs to be improved, paper needs to be studied, and printing technology needs to be improved. The weight of the uniqueness and artistic tendency of post press processing is constantly improving (post press processing cannot be satisfied with firmness, firmness and compliance with requirements). As far as the printed matter itself is concerned, it should not only meet the needs of people to watch the content, but also be a work of art combined with a certain technology to a certain extent. This artistic tendency stems from the artistry of prepress design (which can be connected with other media at a lower cost) and the perfection of printing color technology. Post press processing is the most obvious and direct artistic processing process, especially after a variety of media jointly serve people's vision, The artistry of post press processing has become more and more important. It should not only give people visual beauty, but also give people tactile and even olfactory beauty. These aesthetics need continuous research, exploration and creation of post press processing. Only in this way can we find a larger living space for printed matter in addition to the practical and convenient functions of electronic words and pictures

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