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Which one is better for log customization? (contact information of Youdao wood industry [qq296290156 Tel 15618392878])

Wuxi Youdao Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a high-end log customization brand company. The company specializes in the design and production of log parapets, log stairs, log wine cabinets, log bookcases, log doors, log wardrobes, log European lines and other log products. "Youdao" high-end log products are very concerned about the taste needs of customers, and select high-quality and precious tree species from all over the world, such as teak, pear, American red oak, American red cherry, etc., so that the material of Youdao log products is famous for its high-grade and has won wide praise from customers all over the world. The increasingly mature production technology is also the key for the "Youdao" brand to take the lead in the industry. "Youdao" eliminated some traditional processing technologies without scientific and technological content, and used high-tech to assist the design, while strengthening the safety and stability of the structure, so that "Youdao" became a product with both scientific and technological and fashionable beauty. It is worth mentioning that in terms of paint coating technology, we have unique characteristics. Under the full manual operation of high-level technicians, the plumpness, clarity, bright color and other indicators of paint are better than the industry level. For us, the best sense of achievement comes from the greatest customer satisfaction! High grade paint processes include: antique, gold, silver, gold, silver, crack paint, etc., to meet the needs of different decoration styles

advantages of log wall protection board:

lignin, one of the main chemical components of log wall protection board, has a strong absorption effect on UV, and the concave convex of wood surface tissue can scatter light and reduce eye fatigue and damage. The log material is moderate in hardness and softness, moderate in tactile temperature, and has good acoustic performance and functions of temperature and humidity regulation. Its good sound absorption can effectively play a sound insulation effect. Therefore, compared with other wall panels, solid wood wall panels are more natural, environmental friendly, healthy and pleasant

in addition, the shape of log wall panels is diverse, which makes the wall more three-dimensional, easy to take care of, natural environmental protection, beautiful and atmospheric. It is the perfect choice for high-end interior decoration

free door-to-door measurement, free design scheme and free manufacturer distribution in Wuxi

determined to be the most high-end log products in Wuxi


address: No. 18, Dongqi Road, Chang'an Town, Wuxi City

mobile phone: 15618392878

official website http://www.youdaomy.com

the reasonable selection of cutting tools plays a direct role in the processing accuracy and decorative effect of raw wood doors

on the other hand, the cutting performance of the cutter also has a great impact on the surface quality of the raw wood door. Therefore, the reasonable selection of cutting tools is very important in the production of raw wood doors

key point 3: PU paint is the best choice for painting.

paint is used as the post-processing technology of the factory of set wooden doors in Wuxi, where there is a manufacturer of customized solid wood doors, and its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the final use effect. At the same time, the paint cost is also one of the largest parts of the wooden door cost

the types of paint are roughly divided into phenolic paint, where is the manufacturer of customized solid wood doors in Wuxi, alkyd paint, nitrate, where is the manufacturer of customized solid wood doors in Wuxi




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