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Wallpaper is very popular in wall decoration because of its incomparable characteristics, such as diverse colors, rich patterns, luxurious style, safety and environmental protection, convenient construction, appropriate price and so on. So what are the good wallpaper brands? Let's follow Xiaobian to learn about it

wall decoration is an important part of home decoration. In wall decoration, some people choose wall paint, some choose diatom mud, and of course, more people will choose wallpaper, because wallpaper has many patterns and colors, and the price is relatively affordable. From the perspective of more environmental protection, it is also better than wall paint

I. brand wallpaper recommendation:

1. Magnolia: in 1984, it was a famous trademark in China, a famous brand in Guangdong Province, a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a provincial high-tech enterprise, and Guangdong Magnolia decorative materials Co., Ltd

2. Ouya: an enterprise specializing in the production of adhesive wallpaper, one of the most influential and well-known brands in China's wallpaper industry, Shanghai Ouya decorative materials Co., Ltd

3. Aishe artshow: a famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, the largest professional wallpaper enterprise in China, the drafting enterprise of national wallpaper quality standards, and Jiangsu aishe wallpaper Co., Ltd

4. Rainbow: the concept advocate and industry leader of Chinese wallpaper home decoration, committed to creating a fashionable and personalized home environment, rainbow (Beijing) Decoration Co., Ltd

5. Rouran ROEN: one of the leaders in China's wallpaper soft decoration industry, China's leading professional wallpaper integration supplier, shangmeishijia (Beijing) Trading Co., Ltd

II. Wallpaper purchasing skills:

General wallpaper is 10 meters long, 0.52 meters wide, and covers an area of about 5.2 square meters. During the purchase process, pay attention to the following points:

1. Check whether there are color differences, wrinkles and bubbles on the surface of the wallpaper, and whether the pattern of the wallpaper is clear and the color is uniform. Consumers should choose wallpaper with good finish

2. You can touch the wallpaper with your hand. Whether the thickness of the paper is consistent. Products with good hand feel and strong convex and concave feeling should be the first consideration. You can also cut a small sample of wallpaper and wipe the paper with a wet cloth to see if there is discoloration

3. When purchasing wallpapers, you should see whether the number of the purchased wallpapers is consistent with the batch number, because although some wallpapers have the same number, there may be subtle differences in color due to different production dates, which is often difficult to detect at the time of purchase until they are pasted on the wall. The batch number on each roll of wallpaper represents the same color, so we should avoid the inconsistency of wallpaper color, which will affect the decorative effect

4. Smell it and there should be no pungent smell. At the same time, check the environmental protection performance of the glue

wallpaper is a relatively common wall decoration material at present, with diverse colors, rich patterns, simple and convenient construction and affordable price. As long as it is used properly, it can create a small and fresh style home, as well as a luxurious home, which is unmatched by other decorative materials. This is the ranking of wallpaper brands. I hope it will help you choose wallpaper. Please continue to pay attention to us for more information

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