Five trends of flooring in 2010

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First, in 2010, the flooring industry will initially see the era of a surge of brands

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first, the flooring industry will initially see an era of brand surge in 2010. With the entry of foreign strong flooring brands and the troubled brand competition pattern in China, domestic powerful enterprises will carry out the pace of brand competition

second, in the 1980s and 1990s, consumer groups will become the main force of consumption, and the secondary and tertiary markets will become new market development points for many big brands. With the aging and stabilization in the 1960s and 1970s, and the intensification of primary market competition. The new generation of young people will become a solid consumer group, and the secondary and tertiary markets will become a new brand battlefield

third, the whole marketing channel began to diversify. The diversification of channels is reflected in many aspects. Originally, the whole flooring industry, including the ceramic building materials industry, is a closed channel, and the self built channels are mainly franchised stores. Although there are comprehensive decorative materials such as Oriental home and B & Q, their total amount still exceeds 5%, and the main channel is still retail. In the past two years, this has begun to change. One is fine decoration. The proportion of fine decoration is increasing year by year. The state has macro policy guidance, and real estate companies consider increasing their value-added profit through fine decoration. Moreover, cooperation with decoration companies, plus group buying, online shopping and e-commerce, is increasing year by year

fourth, the problem of raw materials. Raw materials have undergone some evolution. From the beginning, the flooring we used was birch, basswood and ash in the northeast, and then to the southwest, and then to Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand and Myanmar. Thailand now bans exports, and Myanmar is now relatively strict. In the future, with the impact of global warming and environmental degradation, the momentum of green environmental protection will be higher and higher, The control of raw materials and the development of new materials will be the inevitable trend of the future development of enterprises

fifth, the brand is big and diversified. Due to the disordered competition in the previous stage, there is a lot of market space and a lack of strong brands in China at present. Therefore, from the current point of view, we will see a more concentrated list of strong flooring brands and a more professional and diversified brand segmentation in the future





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