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"In June, lotus fragrance fills the lake, and red clothes and green fans reflect clear waves." On June 19, Musi international new product investment promotion conference was launched in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

"in June, lotus fragrance fills the lake, and red clothes and green fans reflect clear waves." On June 19, Musi international new product investment promotion conference was launched in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province! The outbreak of Musi International's growth process is the result of team members' continuous preparation day and night over the past year, and an opportunity for enterprises to work hard and constantly explore. "Aspire to be a different brand". In order to give strong support to this concept, the members behind it have made great contributions. Without their hard work, there would be no honor and achievement today

the growth cannot be separated from the team

the elite team of musi ・ international is to practice the enterprise concept and establish the brand image. They take design as the source power. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, as well as the disappearance of the convenient road people are looking for, and the lack of innovation in the industry, musi ・ international from market research to development, from proofing to screening, from designers to studios, leaves the best of essence

at the same time, explore the market in a new mode. After all, a good product needs a good operation mode. It can get the most effective market return with the least resources and energy by jumping out of the traditional framework of widely spreading the net and catching more fish, point-to-point, precise positioning, precise attack, combined with online and offline integration, auxiliary integration, and the introduction of high-quality channels in other industries

not only that, Musi international team is still based on continuous improvement. The team has been insisting on doing a good job in every detail, dealing with every step of optimization, and improving products, efficiency, safety, quality, service and so on. Only by improving ourselves can we better serve others and improve details can we reflect value more professionally

brands can't lose details

musi ・ international new product investment promotion conference brings together many leading figures from all over the country to jointly witness that niche high-end brands representing new models and new orientations in the industry will embark on a new journey with a new face! The atmosphere at the press conference was mixed, and the participants showed great interest in the operation mode and method of Muse international wallcovering and the unique Muse business school. I believe that Muse will become a new roadmap and new direction for the development of the industry in the near future

this time, the new product launch of Musi international wall fabric represents the launch of a new industry innovation mode, from online to offline experience, resource integration and allocation, detailed material support, 360 ° all-round non dead angle training... Each point is one of the modules that Musi international strives to build. One of the highlights of the press conference was the treatment of details by Muse international wallcovering. This version of S-type double-sided packaging, which integrates modern scientific and technological elements, is luxurious and eye-catching. In addition, various sales auxiliary software, construction auxiliary equipment, detail materials, from small details to large decorations, all reveal the breath of Musi and convey the design essence of Musi

after the press conference, Musi international provincial branches will officially complete the team building, and each province will gradually expand, carry out a large number of advertising and platform display publicity, so as to expand sales channels and enhance brand awareness. The municipal and county-level investment promotion and franchise of the branch company has been officially launched, and the support and assistance of resources, materials, products, advertisements, training, etc. are also being sent to the provincial branches in succession. All customer resources received by the head office will also be transferred to the branch company according to the region for follow-up support. To grasp the details is to grasp the foundation and the future, so it can stand the test

finally, Musi International Association has always spared no effort to adhere to its own unique brand road. The road of cutting through thorns and thorns must be hard to go, but we have firm faith, solid foundation and solid backing to jointly fulfill that commitment: work with partners in all provinces to change, seek the future, win-win cooperation and lead the trend




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