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2019 is the landing year of Yige. The theme word of Yige's work in 2019 is "act as, pay close attention to implementation"

someone forwarded a sentence on social media: "2019 may be the worst year in the past decade, but it is the best year in the next decade". Whether we agree with this pessimistic view or not, we believe that "people who do things don't care whether they are pessimistic or optimistic. We only care about how to do things well"

with the implementation of various reform measures of Yige in 2019, Yige has also adjusted its development direction from channel expansion to channel service. We are soberly aware that only by serving customers and users well can we achieve sustainable profitability of the channel and achieve win-win results for manufacturers and businesses

in order to better serve the terminal, Yige invited Liu Jianlin, a "chain store sales talent training expert and advocate of script revolution", to jointly create a "terminal profit replication project"

introduction to teacher Liu Jianlin:

chain store sales talent training expert, advocate of script revolution

brands that have been serving all year round include: Dongpeng ceramics, Kohler sanitary ware, Ou Shili, Tommy, ck jeans, Hassen, Nike, Adidas, cross, Nautica, Jack Wolfskin and other international well-known brands

teacher Liu Jianlin's mission: let the store no longer have "killers" and advocate training only those who directly produce performance

management replication, process replication, and standard replication, so as to achieve talent replication and store profit replication. In order to more accurately understand the problems existing in terminal stores, the problems that terminal stores urgently want to solve, and the training needs of terminal stores, Yige team accompanied Mr. Liu to major direct stores and surrounding areas, and went deep into the front line for field visits

Henan Changyuan field trip

during the visit, teacher Liu proposed "what can we do for franchisees? What should regional managers do for franchisees? What should we do for the sustainable profits of terminals?" With these problems, we have conducted in-depth thinking and combing, and transformed these into the core discussion points of "terminal profit replication project", and then carried out these points in turn for full discussion and practical simulation

group discussion

the three-day internal discussion and brainstorming combed and improved the store atmosphere, reception standards, sales process, target management, promotional activities, channel development, team building, etc. of the dealer stores, and effectively consolidated the weaknesses existing in the business process of the marketing partners

we firmly believe that solving pain points is the way of service

training site

interactive sharing

three days, full of dry goods, the interaction and collision between teacher Liu Jianlin and Yige Tiejun team really played an unexpected chemical reaction

"be good at finding problems! Dare to raise problems! Dare to face problems! Finally solve problems!"

what Yige Tiejun has done is only aimed at one goal: to serve every dealer partner of Yige well

although the passionate and tense discussion and collision have ended, the step of solving problems for dealers has just been taken. Thank you for your ambition to make progress and let us stand at a new height

next, our Yige Iron Army will embark on a journey to help dealer partners replicate and implement a better "terminal profit model". I believe that in the near future, "Yige model" will blossom everywhere

dear dealer partners, please look forward to





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