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There is a large collection of paint and coating knowledge. Coatings can be divided into low-grade water-soluble coatings and latex coatings: 106 and 803 coatings are common low-grade water-soluble coatings

a large collection of paint and coating knowledge. Coatings can be divided into low-grade water-soluble coatings and latex paint: 106 and 803 coatings are common low-grade water-soluble coatings, which have the advantages of non-toxic, convenient construction and low price, but the disadvantages are poor durability and easy to change color. Emulsion paint has elegant and fresh decorative effect, non-toxic and tasteless environmental protection characteristics

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the following indicators should be considered when selecting latex paint:

environmental protection indicators: whether the content of formaldehyde, lead, mercury and other harmful substances in latex paint meets the standard, and whether it is truly non-toxic, safe and environmental friendly. Here we can tell you that the main components of latex paint are non-toxic resin and water, which do not contain lead and mercury. No pungent smell will be produced during the brushing process, and no harm will be caused to human body, biology and the surrounding environment. However, you must buy latex paint products marked with manufacturer, production date and shelf life, as well as lead-free and mercury free marks

scrub resistance: scrub resistance is an important indicator. Because the walls are easy to get dirty, families with children will be more troubled by graffiti. Latex paint with waterproof formula will naturally form a dense waterproof paint surface after drying. With clean water or mild detergent, you can wipe and wash the stains very easily without erasing the paint film itself. The latex paint sold on the market has this function as long as it is produced by regular manufacturers and conforms to the national standard. Some manufacturers especially put forward that the number of washable times exceeds the national standard several times. In fact, this is of little significance to ordinary families. The provisions of the national standard can fully meet the requirements of family decoration

quality price ratio: this index is actually a problem we should consider when choosing any commodity. The well-known brand is not the product with the best price ratio, because its cost includes advertising expenses

moisture and mildew proof function. Is there any mildew on the wall of your home caused by excessive humidity? This is particularly prominent in basements, bathrooms, or in wet weather. The latex paint with mold proof and moisture-proof formula can effectively block the invasion of water on the wall and wall surface, prevent water penetration, and prevent the growth of mold. The paint surface is durable and not easy to fade and fall off, which is another key point that consumers should pay attention to when choosing emulsion paint. Generally speaking, if the emulsion paint can remain brand-new and bright for 3-5 years, it is more in line with the requirements of families





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