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The regulatory authorities rectified the express industry and hit a combination punch. The industry is not optimistic about

- since last November, the new Express has continued to pay attention to the inside story of Jinan star WDS digital display model recommended by individuals such as security inspection and violent sorting in the express industry

the State Post Office interviewed Shentong express and asked to strictly investigate the problem express companies; In order to achieve these controls, the Ministry of transport required the Ministry of transport to adopt the measures for the management of the express market (Revised Draft for approval)

recently, the new express continuously exposed the security inspection loopholes in the express industry, and CCTV also exposed the violent sorting of express mails in a sorting center in Beijing Shentong, causing the State Post Office to rectify the express industry in a large area. On the last day of 2012, after the State Post Office announced the cancellation of the business licenses of 116 express delivery enterprises nationwide, it was learned from the postal department on January 5 that the State Post Office recently organized relevant provincial (municipal) postal administrations to quickly investigate and interview relevant express delivery companies in response to the exposed problems

multiple measures were taken to rectify the express industry

express loss, violent sorting, security check and storage loopholes... With the exposure of a series of express shady stories, the state post office began to rectify the express industry. On december31,2012, the State Post Office announced the cancellation of the business licenses of 116 express delivery enterprises nationwide, and issued a notice to carry out special rectification activities on the quality of express service, seriously investigate and deal with the acts of express delivery enterprises that damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers 2. Hardware, and require express delivery enterprises to normally collect and distribute express mail during the Spring Festival. As for the mixed package mode widely adopted by domestic private express franchised branches, it is also clearly pointed out that "the illegal operation of express business without permission and the illegal operation of express business beyond the scope of the license through franchising, entrustment, contracting and other forms shall be severely investigated and punished according to law."

on the same day, yangchuantang, Minister of transport, presided over a ministerial meeting and adopted the measures for the management of express market (Revised Draft for approval), which complemented the management body, clarified the responsibilities of postal administrations below the provincial level to supervise and manage the express market, and standardized the qualifications, rights and obligations of both parties involved in express franchising

in addition, the State Post Office also conducted an investigation and interview on Shentong express exposed by the media. On december26,2012, Henan Provincial Postal Administration made an investigation and visit to Nanyang Shentong express; On january4,2013, Shanghai postal administration also interviewed Shanghai Shentong express in response to the problems reflected by the outside world, such as the company's violent sorting and the leakage of customer information. It is reported that Shentong express submitted a rectification report on the day of the interview

the industry is not optimistic about the rectification effect

however, Xu Yong, chief consultant of China express logistics consulting, believes that the effect is limited. Xu Yong told the precision high tech express that most of the cancellation of the business license was due to the normal withdrawal, including the change of the enterprise name and location, and the voluntary withdrawal from the market. Another part is due to the collapse of express enterprises or the collapse of franchisees' branches. "Only a very small number of really serious violations of the express qualification have been cancelled, and the rectification of the industry chaos is still a temporary solution rather than a permanent solution."

for this interview, Xu Yong believes that these restraint measures are effective in the short term, but not enough to achieve the role of punishment. "In the long run, the postal regulatory authorities must issue specific quantitative indicators for the supervision of express service quality as soon as possible. For example, how to define the problem of violent sorting, and how many meters the sorting throws are violent sorting; in addition, whether there are mandatory requirements for the mechanized operation of some large enterprises." Xu Yong also believes that "the chaotic franchise system has become the root cause of the chaos of express delivery. Therefore, if express delivery enterprises want to maintain their competitiveness, they should transform from the franchise system to the direct marketing system as soon as possible."

Recently, with the drafting of the Interim Measures for the administration of the collection and use of postal universal service funds (hereinafter referred to as the measures), the dispute over postal "part money" has become unprecedented

according to the measures, enterprises operating express business in China shall pay universal postal service fund, which is 0.1 yuan for domestic intra city express (each, the same below), 0.2 yuan for domestic non local express, 1 yuan for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and 2 yuan for international express. According to the business volume in the first 11 months of last year, the postal fund collected by these three parts of business can reach 1.1 billion yuan

it is learned that express companies now basically make profits by volume, and the most competitive Pearl River Delta only makes about 40 cents per order. Xu Yong told the new express that levying the universal postal service fund will increase the burden on express companies. Once they can't afford this cost, they will transfer the burden to consumers

at present, most enterprises are in a wait-and-see attitude. Xiazubin, marketing director of Shentong express, said that the price will not be increased easily for the time being, but the cost pressure caused by the measures is beyond the scope of the enterprise, so it is not ruled out that the price will be increased. Chongqing power distribution cabinet

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