The most popular regulation in Taiwan forbids PVC

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Taiwan stipulates that the PVC label of beverage bottles will be banned from 2008

Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency stipulates that bottles sold in Taiwan Province from 2008 qhmac103[1] 141 (2) 01 (2) 005 the shrink film label of the accelerator pedal beverage outer package shall not be made of PVC. Otherwise, the penalty will be doubled along with the removal and treatment fee of the bottle body and lid. ② environmental humidity and other factors will also affect the test results. At present, almost all the shrink film labels of bottled drinks sold in the Taiwan market are made of PVC. 3. Pu stadium finish: 100% water-based silicon Pu finish, which can not be reused after recycling. It is understood that if other materials are used, the cost of each label will be 0.4 yuan (Taiwan dollars, the same below). However, in order to avoid overpaying the removal fee, most manufacturers have agreed to switch to other materials from next year. Whether the beverage price will be increased due to the increase of equipment and material costs is still under evaluation

most beverage bottles in Taiwan have been made of PE and pet, but the shrink film of the outer packaging is still made of PVC, because PVC is cheaper and has better shrinkage effect. The EPA said that at present, only the labels of the whole beverage bottle can not be recycled, and the cost of recycling increases in order to peel off the labels. According to the current regulations, the PET container removal and treatment fee is 11.58 yuan per kilogram. From January next year, if the manufacturer uses PVC labels, the whole bottle will be charged 23.16 yuan; PE bottles are charged 8 yuan per kilogram and 16 yuan after doubling

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