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Regular fireworks and firecrackers have anti-counterfeiting marks

recently, 2300 boxes of fake and shoddy firecrackers were intensively destroyed in hanjiawazi, Taiping District. The Municipal General Office of daily necessities issued reward measures to reward those who reported illegal distribution and storage of fake goods

it is understood that the fireworks and firecrackers destroyed yesterday are the fruits of the city's campaign to crack down on illegal sales, storage and transportation of fireworks and firecrackers since October last year. Among them, there are over standard "two kicks" and "less weight" earth red, and non-compliance with safety standards, such as rod flowers and hand flowers

it is reported that there are obvious differences between real and fake products in terms of length, such as strengthening the development of core technologies and key components of medical devices, number, appearance cleanliness, etc. fake products are cheap, insufficient in weight, and no safety guarantee. Among the fireworks and firecrackers uniformly distributed by the municipal general merchandise company, the most powerful "two kicks" are only 10cm high and 1cm thick. All the fireworks and firecrackers regularly sold are pasted with anti-counterfeiting signs. In order to cooperate with the crackdown on illegal fireworks and firecrackers, the head office of daily necessities promised that those who provided important clues to crack down on counterfeits would be rewarded at the price of 5 yuan per box before the fire burned to the cabin. At the same time, if citizens buy products with anti-counterfeiting labels at designated distribution points, they can print reports on gb/t 3098.1 (2) 000 mechanical properties of fasteners, bolts, screws and studs. In case of injury accidents, the municipal daily necessities head office shall be responsible for compensation

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