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In the first quarter of 2013, Jiangsu Suzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau issued 112 regional preferential certificates of origin for paper enterprises, with a visa amount of US $9.36 million. The main export products are copper plate cards, double offset paper, carbon free carbon paper, etc., which have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including Malaysia, the Philippines, Chile Peru is the main export market of Suzhou paper enterprises, and it is expected to help enterprises obtain tariff relief of 468000 US dollars

on the whole, the sharper the hammer is, jinhuasheng Paper Co., Ltd. was established by Jinguang group in march1996 and is located in Suzhou Industrial Park. At present, the total investment amounts to $1.386 billion. It is the largest production base of carbon free carbon paper in China. It is currently a large multi-cultural paper supplier in China, and has been selected as a national star overseas Chinese funded enterprise by the overseas Chinese futures office: Coke 1501 afternoon retreat. In 2012, the company's full production capacity reached 1million tons

as the largest carbon free carbon paper production base in China, jinhuasheng practice Co., Ltd. issued 80 China ASEAN preferential certificates of origin in the first quarter of this year, with a value of US $6million. The company's business personnel said that the certificate of origin is of great significance to its business development and has become a magic weapon for the company to export to ASEAN

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