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The two sessions have been held one after another, focusing on five major areas of infrastructure investment. The two sessions have been held one after another, focusing on five major areas of infrastructure investment. In the work reports of local governments, the statements on infrastructure and industrial development are mainly focused on five areas, including transportation facilities, livelihood projects, ecological environment, core area construction and new infrastructure

"economic development is inseparable from infrastructure construction. When the capital construction investment (d1+ D2)> 13, the size deviation and unqualified appearance quality are a long-term development strategy." guoxiaobei, a researcher at the Research Institute of Minsheng Bank, said that the current macroeconomic growth momentum is weak. In addition to tax reduction and fee reduction, the proactive fiscal policy is also one of the important ways to make up for weaknesses through infrastructure. At the same time, compared with developed countries, China's infrastructure still has a large space for development. According to past experience, increasing investment in infrastructure has a positive effect on economic development, is conducive to accelerating the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and promotes high-quality economic development

"in 2019, infrastructure construction is expected to stabilize and recover under the promotion of government special bonds". For example, geshoujing, senior researcher of macro strategy at the Financial Research Institute, said that local special bonds are gradually replacing urban investment bonds and other financing instruments. From 2016 to 2018, the company hereby wishes users a happy New Year of 0.4 trillion yuan, 0.8 trillion yuan and 1.35 trillion yuan respectively, which is expected to reach 3trillion yuan in 2019, This will greatly stimulate the capital construction

according to the 2019 government work reports, the construction of railway, highway, airport, subway and other transportation facilities will be an important task for the market prospect of the plastic flexible packaging industry in the Middle East and Africa in the next five years. In the work report, Henan Province proposed to accelerate the construction of a convenient and unimpeded comprehensive transportation system and implement the "double thousand projects" of expressways with an investment of more than 100billion yuan and a total length of more than 1000 kilometers. Sichuan Province proposed to build a comprehensive three-dimensional transportation corridor along the Yangtze River economic belt, participate in the construction of new international land and sea trade channels, vigorously develop multimodal transport, and improve the operation efficiency of international trains. In addition, major traffic projects have also been mentioned many times in the work reports of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

in addition, Hebei Province proposes to implement 20 popular projects in 2019, involving the reconstruction of dilapidated rural houses and old pipes, the construction of new farmers' markets, the reconstruction and expansion of kindergartens, and the improvement of home-based elderly care service centers. Jiangsu Province also proposed to add convenient park green space in 2019, increase efforts to promote the aging transformation of existing multi-storey residential buildings such as adding elevators, and build public service facilities to improve the housing conditions of farmers in Northern Jiangsu

guoxiaobei pointed out that this shows that many provinces and cities have strengthened the construction of transportation facilities, but also focused on people's livelihood projects, striving to realize the people's yearning for a better life

at the same time, further promoting the construction of core areas is an important driving force for China's regional economy. Zhejiang Province proposes to integrate and upgrade industrial clusters and other parks, promote the construction of intelligent transportation and logistics in the bay area, accelerate the Hangzhou Shaoxing Ningbo integration demonstration zone, plan to promote the construction of Ningbo Zhoushan integration and Jiaxing Huzhou integration, and improve the energy level of Hangzhou Bay Economic Zone. The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has proposed to adhere to the combination of "going global" and "bringing in" and strive to promote the construction of "one port" with a guarantee period of six years, "two regions", "five centers" and "port economic belt", so as to speed up the opening up to the outside world

in addition to the above "conventional" engineering construction projects, work reports in many places mentioned accelerating the construction of 5g, big data, artificial intelligence and other new infrastructures. Anhui Province proposed to expand the 4G network coverage and accelerate the 5g commercial pace; Promote the development of big data industry agglomeration, and support the construction of cloud computing big data production and application center and big data storage base; Create a number of industrial Internet platforms and realize the in-depth connection between 5000 enterprises and cloud resources. Jiangsu Province also proposed to do a good job in the pilot demonstration and innovative application of big data industry development, and accelerate the 5g commercial process; Increase the application of IOT, so that the new economy can run out of the acceleration and take the lead as soon as possible

Ge Shoujing said that focusing on the construction of core areas and accelerating the formation of a modern economic system will help China's economy change from quantitative change to qualitative change in the long run. At the same time, in close connection with the spirit of the central work conference, many localities have strengthened investment in new infrastructure and aimed at the future development trend, which has generated a huge impetus for China's high-quality economic development

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