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It is related to the annual profit and loss of the third level factory and the order receiving of the carton factory next year. The cardboard price cannot be reduced

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core tips: [China Packaging News] secondary factories, especially those of pure paperboard, have experienced the best profit period in 2017 since the excellent market of the previous year came to the broad road. In 2018, they began to enter the secondary factories of

[China Packaging News], especially those of pure paper from various scientific research institutes, colleges and universities The secondary factories of different customer groups of industrial and mining enterprises have experienced the best profit period in 2017 in history after the excellent market of the previous year came to the broad road. By 2018, they began to enter the slow channel, often in a situation of insufficient orders, high pressure on price decline and high upstream base paper prices

the results of success are the same, but the difficult process is very different. What will the future trend of cardboard price be in such a stalemate? Continue to deal with the rise and fall of the base paper and all problems arising from the installation and commissioning of the equipment; What is the difference between the two? Or against the pressure of the market? Or is it stable without falling or rising

the prices of base paper and paperboard rise and fall from time to time. The profits of paper mills are good, but the profits of paperboard mills are falling endlessly.

throughout this month, the prices of both base paper and paperboard have been sawing, rising and falling for a while, but the overall market has not improved

base paper uses all available information to drive up the price of paper. If it fails, it creates conditions to drive up the price. It circulates through raising the price of waste paper, stopping the machine, raising the price, lowering the price of waste paper and falling the price. Under the pressure of insufficient actual demand, the paperboard factory also lags behind the news of the paper factory for short-term operation, rising for a while and falling for a while

after more than half a year of such a tug of war, the profits of the paper mill are still good, but the profits of the paperboard mill are falling endlessly. Therefore, since October, although the old methods of raising the price of waste paper and stopping the machine have not been able to save the tepid market, the cardboard has naturally lost its strength and power to continue to accompany the paper mill in sawing

the price of paperboard has fallen, the paper mill has shut down, and the market of the paperboard mill is in the doldrums.

since they are unwilling to accompany the paper mill in a seesaw battle, they have to turn to the reality of the market and take self-protection measures

reduce the price at the beginning of work on October 8. Note that the price is falling, not rising! Is it possible to raise prices again quickly after this wave of price decline? At first, the price reduction was planned. I always thought that the paper mill's "first fall and then rise" market for waste paper could work on the 8th for a total of 14 days, 7 days before the festival and 7 days during the long holiday. Then, the market was pulled up by the double 11 stock preparation and the bull advantage of the traditional peak season in the second half of the year. The result was still a failure. The falling price of cardboard at the end of the week and the shutdown of the paper mill verified that there was no market or no market

in this case, if you want to increase the price of cardboard, you will undoubtedly waste your martial arts and make it difficult for yourself

the price of cardboard can't rise, but the valuation is as high as 1.9 billion yuan, but it can't fall any more.

without sawing, it can't rise. Is it the only option to reduce the price

otherwise! Cardboard can't be reduced any more, and it's the best choice not to reduce prices

first: in terms of cost, it cannot be reduced

the current cardboard processing fee has reached the edge of loss (processing fee 0..3 yuan/square meter), and there is no room for any price reduction

second: from the perspective of demand, it cannot be reduced

at present, the overall demand is insufficient, which has little to do with the price. The original demand for switching to other packaging driven by the high price can not be returned in a short time. The other reduced demand is caused by the lack of domestic demand due to the reduction of foreign trade. It has little to do with the packaging itself in the pop-up report setting dialog box. The decline in price can not replace the recovery of demand

third: from the perspective of orders, price reduction will not increase paperboard orders

if one or two companies in a regional market begin to fall in price, of course, the purpose of the fall in price is to win more orders so as to maintain the requirements of capacity commencement. However, when someone falls in price, it will certainly cause other peers to follow up. When maintaining production is more important than maintaining profits, it is difficult to seize the orders of peers by reducing prices. There are so many orders in the market, either in your home or in another home. With the total amount unchanged, no matter how low the price is, the demand problem cannot be solved

the price reduction of paperboard will affect the profit and loss of the third level factory this year and the order receiving of the carton factory next year. Therefore, in the case that the current paper factory refuses to reduce the price and the insufficient carton demand leads to insufficient paperboard orders, the paperboard factory should not reduce the price any more, because your price reduction will not solve the problem, but will also provoke the hatred of the third level factory

the current price of the third level factory in terms of customers has achieved a stable profit through the stability of the overall price this year, that is to say, the stable situation created by the upstream price saw has helped the third level factory stabilize the prices of customers and cartons. If the cardboard factory that can not withstand the pressure at this time takes the lead in reducing prices again, it will certainly give the end customers an excuse to ask the third level factory to reduce prices, not to mention the special situation in the second half of the year

first, at least the second half of the year is a season of high demand. If the price reduction of cardboard at this time directly affects the annual profits and losses of the third level factory, and the price is falling in the peak season when there is no profit in the off-season, why should we be embarrassed

second, November and December of each year are the price negotiation seasons for carton customers in the next year, which directly affects the order receiving strategy of next year's orders. If the price falls at this time, it will cause great pressure on the carton factory to reduce the price in the annual contract negotiation. Moreover, there are many uncertain factors about what price level can be maintained next year

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