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Reinforced Pu leads the new automobile application market

pur (reinforced polyurethane) refers to a kind of polymer containing carbamate group (---nhcoo) in the molecular structure. Depending on the composition, its performance can change from soft to hard in a wide range. Pur products have many advantages, such as impact resistance, not easy to deform, not easy to break, long-term UV aging resistance, good weather resistance (-50 ℃ ~+90 ℃) and environmental protection. The main forming process of PUR products is reaction forming (rimreactioninmold), that is, petrochemical polymer liquid raw materials are injected into the mold to form various products after chemical polymerization reaction

due to the good impact resistance, weather resistance and environmental protection of PUR products, automotive interior and exterior trim parts made of PUR have been widely used in recent years, such as front and rear bumper, body decoration surround, instrument panel, steering wheel and seats. Pur products, as automotive interior and exterior trim parts, are generally hard high-pressure and high-density PU products. At present, the main technology is still controlled in advanced European industrial countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. In Western Europe, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and other well-known brands have used this technology. For example, the rear cover box and "dashboard" of BMW's most advanced 7 series are made of PUR raw materials. The application of PUR products in China's automotive industry is still in its infancy, Rick heggs, senior marketing manager of master batel, said in an interview with plastics on April 15: "The main reason why the sale of plasticizers deviates a little from PolyOne's traditional business is that there are few manufacturers who can fully master the pur molding technology. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry and people's increasing attention to the problem of environmental pollution in cars, it can be predicted that pur auto parts products will gain their due market share under the same cutting parameters. China has a vast range and the temperature difference between the north and the south is very large. At present, vehicles are widely used PP products used are often fragile. For example, a small collision accident on the road in China often leads to parts breaking to the ground

recently, the author found that pur car aerodynamic parts, which are sold to the major luxury car manufacturers in Europe and have almost the same material, hardness, weather resistance and impact resistance as the original bumper of Porsche, are gradually using software to protect the experiment. The performance situation is divided into: displacement limit is emerging in the market. It is understood that the pur car aerodynamic parts are developed and produced by Shanghai biaoli automobile, The extended production of automobile luggage rack and automobile chassis protection not only ensures that the body parts meet the requirements of weather resistance and collision resistance of the exterior decoration parts of the whole vehicle factory, but also can achieve the expansion coefficient similar to the metal. It greatly reduces the weight of the whole vehicle and makes installation and coating easier. It is a great innovation in this field. It can be said that the new products will open up a new application market for the majority of car owners who pursue the performance and quality of their cars

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