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Rejected 16.8 billion foreign waste, but increased 90billion GDP due to the price of paper

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core tips: [China Packaging News] cooking at home is cheap, but it has a lot of lampblack and is not environmentally friendly. Eating in a grand hotel has an elegant environment and is hygienic and convenient. The kitchen focuses on the treatment of lampblack. It is cheaper than cooking in your own home, but the lampblack is large and not environmentally friendly. It's much cheaper to eat in a grand hotel because the environment is elegant and sanitary. The kitchen is centralized in the treatment of lampblack, which is much cheaper than each household handling lampblack separately

in order to carry forward the business of benefiting the store and the people so that all residents can eat the food of the hotel, the restaurant is only allowed to supply fresh meat and vegetables to the hotel in the future. Leftovers, you deal privately

since then, the hotel has a special license for food materials. There are cheap meat, vegetables, poultry and eggs, and the prices are high. Residents generally said that the consumption of the three major factors, i.e. strengthening the construction of major projects, improving innovation ability and attracting investment and intelligence, has been upgraded, and I have never had such a good meal

the good times are not long, and the residents' money pockets can't stand it. I found that there were leftovers for sale, and the price was cheap

and then it didn't last long. More people bought leftovers. They used to sell 50 cents, but now they sell one piece

if the hotel quit, I can sell one piece of leftovers, and I will double the price. This is called the price comparison principle

there used to be many fresh meat and vegetables on the other side of the river. Although the vegetables are fresh and of good quality, the vegetable farmers never wash the mud. It is said that they are not environmentally friendly. In addition, the market is not allowed to enter their dishes without a monopoly license. In this case, the supply of fresh meat and vegetables is insufficient. Even big hotels have to add leftovers to fill the capacity gap, and the price has been raised to two yuan. That's good. The price of the hotel has increased again

the vegetable farmers on the other side of the river can't sell anything, so they pour all their meat and vegetables into the river. Your side, dry stare, no food

no, let's talk about the packaging industry

take 2017 data as reference

in 2017, the output of packaging paper was about 49million tons, and the net export packaging was about 10million tons. (according to the net export value of 400billion US dollars, the proportion of packaging materials is 3%, and the value of packaging materials is 7000 yuan/ton, the weight is about 10million tons)

that is, about 20% of the domestic paper weight is net export

28million tons of foreign waste were imported in 2017, which not only made up for the loss of 10million tons, but also added 18million tons of waste paper raw materials. The waste paper to be replenished cannot be called garbage. What we want is the fiber inside

if you calculate, you can see that 10million tons of packaging materials are exported and 28million tons of waste paper are bought back. The extra 18million tons are the waste paper of pure wood pulp paper, which is much better than your export packaging. It is the paper that other countries have cut down forests to become

people cut down their own forests to create paper, which first becomes packaging, then becomes waste paper, and then we buy back waste paper. The price is not expensive. In addition, the transportation is also cheap. The cargo ships that transport the exported goods to the United States take the waste paper as the returned goods and then bring it back to China. Naturally, the well matched ocean transportation is natural

there has been such a cheap thing in the world

however, one size fits all, no foreign garbage! Setting aside a impurity content index of 0.5% actually means that you don't want it

if you think about it, it's equivalent to 200g cow calories. The quantitative error is controlled within ± 1g. Isn't that a challenge

it is estimated that the total amount of waste paper imported this year will be at most 14million tons, which is only half of that of last year. The reduction of 14million tons of waste paper is equivalent to the reduction of 1400 tons × 85 = 11.9 million tons of base paper. It accounted for about 25% of China's packaging base paper output in 2017

at present, the market related to China's packaging paper can be divided into three parts: Europe, America and Japan, China and Southeast Asia

in Europe and the United States, the consumption has already been upgraded due to the fear of poor contact between the sample and the anvil, and the consumption of pure wood pulp and paper is the largest. The discarded package is the superior papermaking raw material. In addition, the developed economies of Europe, America and Japan have also brought together a large number of living materials exported from sub developed countries, all of which are packed. This is the same as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Although they do not use paper, they are rich in waste paper. The vegetables, melons and fruits in the countryside are brought into the city with cartons, and there will be waste paper in the city. Urban garbage is the raw material for rural people. That's all

now, due to the ban on foreign waste, China is gradually unable to exchange waste paper directly with Europe, the United States and Japan, and must make a transition through a third party: use foreign waste paper in Southeast Asia, or directly build paper mills in Europe and the United States

now, the most economical and efficient bilateral relationship will suddenly become a trilateral or multilateral relationship. The increased transaction cost is the paper price we are now increasing

2018 is almost a final conclusion -

we have traded 25% reduction in waste paper raw materials for a packaging paper market with a 70% increase in price. Although we have bought 16.8 billion less foreign waste ①, we have increased 90billion GDP ② due to the rise in paper price ②, which is really a great initiative

① 14million tons × 1200 yuan/ton =16.8 billion

② 48million tons × 2800 yuan/ton × 70%= its calculation formula is: 94billion

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