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On May 31, Delixi Industrial Park welcomed a group of special guests, led by Colonel yinguoxiang, a low-voltage electrical appliance expert from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. Dressed in a dark green uniform for establishing close cooperation with the army, he looked particularly energetic. As soon as he got off the bus, he shook hands with the group leaders Zhang Yong, Huang Zhongnan and Lu Youzhong who were waiting at the door

yinguoxiang is an old friend of Delixi. This is his fifth visit to Delixi. The first time was after Delixi participated in the bidding for Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in 2002. At that time, although Delixi won the bid with the highest score, due to the special quality requirements of aerospace products, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center was very careful to determine a private enterprise as a supplier. After yinguoxiang and others made a field visit to Delixi, their suspense was finally put down, and finally, Delixi became involved in China's space industry. On the next three occasions, yinguoxiang accompanied the commander, political commissar, chief engineer and other leaders of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center to visit Delixi, and forged a deep friendship with Delixi

2005, Delixi helped Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center establish an electrical product testing center, and yinguoxiang was the head of the testing center. Since then, all electrical products entering Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center must pass the inspection of the testing center. Thus, the reliability of aerospace electrical appliances has been greatly improved and the successful launch of Shenzhou VI and Shenzhou VII has been guaranteed. This time, yinguoxiang came to Delixi with the staff of the testing center to purchase some more advanced equipment, further improve the testing level of NASA's industrial cooperator Testing Center for Jiuquan low voltage power, and provide better support for the launch of Shenzhou VIII and Shenzhou IX

when visiting the exhibition center of the mobile "supercomputer" group, yinguoxiang sincerely praised the development of the company. He came to the Shenzhou spaceship model and became a temporary teacher with great interest. He introduced the structure and flight theory of the Shenzhou spaceship to everyone present. Later, they came to the production workshop. Yinguoxiang carefully watched the workers' work flow and asked his entourage to record it from time to time. The sincere interaction and frank exchange between the host and the guest is the embodiment of the friendship of having deep friends for many years and then outputting and printing various required experimental curves and experimental reports. Speaking of friendship, here is a little story. In 2005, at the invitation of Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, group leaders Huang Zhongnan and Huang Shengzhou went to watch the Shenzhou VI launch. Yin Guoxiang, who was busy preparing for the launch of the spacecraft, sent them three military coats in his busy schedule. Before going to watch the launch the next morning, there was light snow. Fortunately, they had cotton padded clothes to keep out the cold, which made them deeply appreciate the care and care of this old friend

at the symposium, yinguoxiang talked about his work. As an "old Jiuquan", he has been struggling in this hot land of China's aerospace industry for nearly 30 years. Due to the great mission of winning glory for the country, the pressure of work is quite great at ordinary times. In particular, there are many departments involved in low-voltage electrical appliances, so the work is also very complicated. "But we always have high standards and strict requirements for product quality!" Talking about his impression of his fifth visit to Delixi, yinguoxiang sighed endlessly. He said: "Delixi has changed a lot! Especially the testing center, which is very different from the last time I came here! Now the testing equipment and means are becoming more and more scientific and standardized, so we are more at ease!"

next, yinguoxiang will visit Shanghai Delixi. At parting, he thanked the group leaders again. This is the recognition of Delixi's product quality, and also the thanks to Delixi for supporting the national aerospace industry. Delixi people will continue to write their dignity with quality

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