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Releasing passion and blooming 3D Charm (I)

although the popularity of 3D design in China lags behind that in Europe and the United States, for Chinese manufacturing enterprises, from 2D to 3D CAD has become an irreversible trend. In the past 2005, Solidworks, with its strong technical force and effective channel management mode, helped more enterprises to move towards the palace of 3D design. In addition, through continuous investment in the education market, a new generation of design talents stood out under the encouragement of SolidWorks

"I‘m love in 3D!" Before the opening of SolidWorks World 2006, leabert g., who came from Mississippi to Las Vegas to attend the meeting Mr. Wren expressed his appreciation for the 3D design method. Leabert is the engineering technology manager of watthour company in the United States. His company is an electrical equipment manufacturer. It adopts the 3D design software of SolidWorks. They shorten the design cycle by 30% and can visually see the products before production

Daniel tord, senior technical manager from rainbow, is also a fan of 3D design. Their company's main business is to manufacture outdoor fountains, sculptures and other landscape shapes. With the support of 3D, rainbird has designed and manufactured many beautiful outdoor landscapes, decorating parks, luxury hotels and other places in the United States

leabert and Daniel Todd made a special trip to attend the SolidWorks World 2006 conference. On January 22 local time (January 23 Beijing time), the SolidWorks 2006 global user conference with the theme of "passion for design" was grandly held in Las Vegas. It is not so much a SolidWorks user conference as a grand 3D design fans' party. More than 3500 3D enthusiasts from four continents came to the conference. There are engineers like Libert and Daniel Todd, as well as channels, partners and media of Solidworks, which is by far the largest event in the field of mechanical CAD in the world

at the meeting, Mr. Jeff ray, COO of Solidworks, presided over and focused on the great achievements made by Solidworks in 2005: by the end of 2005, the number of SolidWorks users worldwide had reached 500000, the sales revenue had reached 250million US dollars, and more than 1000 enterprises had signed up to join the SolidWorks solution cooperation plan

it is reported that the number of people at SolidWorks world in 2006 increased by 75% over last year, three times that in 2004. On the day of the opening ceremony, we saw that the grand Nuo conference hall on the third floor of Caesar Hotel in Las Vegas was full of seats. Interested participants watched and exchanged new technologies and products brought by SolidWorks, and shared various experiences of 3D design. All this shows that a new era of 3D design has begun

I. Technology: the engine of innovation

in 1993, six like-minded technicians in the United States came together. They shared a religious piety towards technology. Their ideal is to develop a 3D design software based on Windows platform, so that design engineers can design simply and quickly. In 1996, the first version of SolidWorks software was officially released with the launch of Windows 95, which was greatly welcomed by the market. In that year, the first version of SolidWorks software was a great success, creating 13000 sets of performance. So far, SolidWorks' sales volume in the world has exceeded 450000 sets, and the performance growth in the first nine months of last year has reached 25%

2. The parallel length of the sample should be long enough. What is the secret to SolidWorks' repeated success? As a high-tech enterprise, the powerful technical force is the driving force for SolidWorks to enter the market. Since its inception, the founder of SolidWorks has set a goal, that is, to launch a new version of software with more functions and easier to use every 10 months. Over the past 10 years, this tradition of SolidWorks has been followed to this day. Every time a new software product is launched, SolidWorks will classify hundreds of thousands of users around the world, solicit various defect suggestions and application feedback on the product, and then summarize all comments, put forward the top 1 material features: 00 recognized weaknesses with the most criticism, and focus on solving them. In the SolidWorks 2006 software launched in 2005, more than 200 enhanced functions and important innovative technologies for user needs were launched, which made a new breakthrough in improving the efficiency of engineering design work. The new technology of the 2007 software released on SolidWorks World 2006 is also exciting. This has become a mechanism model, making SolidWorks a synonym for innovation and the 3D design software with the highest customer satisfaction

when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, it is worth mentioning that SolidWorks provides its users with a global networking community. In this community, users can not only discuss technical issues, but also conduct business exchanges. This is a very fast way of communication for some companies with similar fashion and business development. For example, a company wants to design a mechanical product. If SolidWorks software is used, the design engineer can directly click to enter the network from the design page to find the ready-made component data and models provided by the industry engineers, and can also communicate and discuss with foreign peers. Such a virtual community can shorten the R & D cycle of enterprises and accelerate the speed of product launch to the market

in China, the R & D investment of SolidWorks is increasing year by year. In 2002, SolidWorks set up a R & D center in Hangzhou. Led by Dr. yexiuzi, the chief scientist of Solidworks, the team is committed to developing innovative 3D design technologies and products. Dr. yexiuzi is a famous software expert in China. He is also one of the three experts in computer application, digital media and art, and bioinformatics of Zhejiang University

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