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Iran's stealth drone was shot down as soon as it entered Israel

thanks to the introduction of technology in the Pahlavi era, Iran has a certain military capability, but it is not very strong. Objectively speaking, let alone developing new high-tech weapons, even upgrading Iran has reserved corresponding personnel and technology for the subsequent development of the company. The current old-fashioned equipment of the army is very difficult, although it is necessary to boost the morale of the people, Iran has made some "world-class" weapons and equipment from time to time, but few of these equipment can be mass produced and put into service. However, one thing to be sure is that Iran has developed many types of unmanned aerial vehicles, which are widely spread in the Middle East: there are Iranian unmanned aerial vehicles in Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and other places. Where Iran's unmanned aerial vehicle technology comes from has always been a mystery

after the Iranian drone crashed in Iraq was shot down by the IL-20 reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian army in Syria, although Israel claimed that it would continue to attack the Iranian armed forces in Syria, no air strikes have been launched so far. On the contrary, due to the failure of the fuel system, the U.S. F-35B crashed, including the f-35i equipped by the Israeli air force. The F-35 fighter planes around the world were grounded for inspection, and the inspection has ended so far. The f-35i is considered to be the most powerful weapon against the Syrian S-300. American and Israeli intelligence agencies said that the Syrian S-300 was operated by Iranian soldiers

Israel did not continue to launch air strikes against the Iranian armed forces in Syria, but Iran broke the deadlock. The latest news from the Israeli military, an Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace from Syria, but was shot down by the Israeli air force one minute later. After inspection, it was an Iranian made "phoenix" drone, imitating the U.S. military ra-170 "sentinel" stealth drone that fell into Iran in 2011, "Phoenix" is very active in Syria and other places. In addition to carrying out reconnaissance missions, it can also carry four air to ground missiles modified in pottery anti tank missiles. However, because there is no missile compartment, it can only be externally mounted, which seriously destroys its stealth appearance. In fact, the outside world is also very skeptical about whether "phoenix" has stealth ability: this kind of UAV is frequently found, and the flying wing layout does not mean that it is a stealth aircraft

Iran said that the S300 could not be targeted at at all

as one of the important means to force the United States and the European Union to lift sanctions, Russia began to sell Russian made high-tech weapons to previously sensitive countries, including the delivery of s-300pmu2 air defense system to Iran. According to Russian experts, the performance of Iran's s s s-300pmu2 is close to the S-400, which is stronger than the same model of equipment in China and other countries. Around August 2016, Iran announced that its s-300pmu2 air defense system had been put into combat readiness duty to protect the Faldo nuclear facility 100 kilometers south of Tehran

no matter compared with the old-fashioned American F-14A fighter of the Iranian Air Force, or the hawk and red flag-2 air defense systems, s-300pmu2 is Iran's strongest air defense weapon at present. Iran has high hopes for it. However, in 2018, Israel announced that its f-35i stealth fighter, which was equipped, passed through Syria and Iraq and entered the sky over major Iranian cities, did not trigger Iran's air defense and retreated. Russia and other parties did not respond to this, but at that time, it was reported that Iran made a strong complaint to Russia about the failure of the s-300pmu2 to detect the Israeli stealth fighter: when Iran purchased this air defense system, Russia promised that this weapon would effectively deal with the stealth fighter

now, the Iranians have another chance to face Israel's f-35i stealth fighter. The intelligence departments of the United States and Israel have confirmed that although Russia has provided Syria with three sets of S-300 air defense systems for free, they will be operated by Iranian soldiers. Israel is relieved: Israel has long said that if it is intercepted when attacking targets in Syria, it will not hesitate to destroy these S-300, Now the tension between supply and demand can continue without fear that Russian soldiers may be killed, but at the same time, Israel is also worried, which seems to mean that Moscow acquiesced in Iran's military presence in Syria

coming soon! Another "giant beast" hidden in Chinese shipyards recently, a picture of the bow section of the amphibious assault ship, which is suspected to be the rumored 075, was suddenly exposed on the domestic network. In fact, the difference in skills between the 0.5 and 1 precision experimental machine is not clear. From the construction progress, we can know that this marine "giant beast" is about to come out

therefore, some western media said that if Chinese shipyards were secretly building 075 amphibious assault ship, it would be a shock to the West. From relevant data, it can be seen that the displacement of China's 075 amphibious assault ship exceeded 40000 tons, which shows that 075's comprehensive cooperative warfare capability will firmly rank first in Asia

therefore, some Chinese military fans said that according to China's previous construction speed, 075 should be completed and put into sea trial within one year

to tell the difference between the existing amphibious attack ships in the world, the most important thing is to see whether it has a ski take-off springboard in the bow. If this design is available, the amphibious attack ship can allow short-range/vertical take-off and landing fighters to take off at a short distance, which saves fuel consumption and is more similar to light aircraft carriers

without this design, the amphibious assault ship's ability to support short-range/vertical take-off and landing fighters will be poor, so the all-round flight deck will focus on the operation of helicopters

from the appearance of the bow section of the suspected 075 amphibious assault ship exposed this time to prevent expansion, it should not be equipped with a sliding springboard, which means that the ship is more inclined to the helicopter carrier

no wonder, because China does not have AV-8B and F-35B short range/vertical take-off and landing fighters now. Even if there are similar models under development, such as the rumored j-18, it may take years to finally finalize and enter service. Therefore, the first ship of type 075, which is now under construction, will not have a fighter squadron, but only a Helicopter Squadron

Chinese shipyards actually have so many advanced equipment

people often say that Chinese shipbuilding is "making dumplings", and the total scale of ships under construction is close to the total tonnage of Japan's active fleet. How can this scale be regarded as the first in the world? Behind this achievement is China's strong industrial strength, which is not only the most perfect industrial system, but also the world's largest industrial country. Just as far as shipbuilding industry is concerned, China accounts for one third of the global shipbuilding industry

1600 ton gantry crane is prepared for aircraft carrier construction

Chinese shipyards have such performance, which is entirely due to the complete industrial system, and the direct point is advanced equipment. Whether it is gantry cranes, cranes, floating docks, etc., all of them are world-leading products, the world's largest floating dock, the best gantry cranes, etc. at this time, people found that Chinese shipyards actually have so many and so advanced equipment, which are not only widely used at home, but also exported abroad. The equipment made in China is being used in Britain, the United States and Russia. Even with such good conditions, no wonder building a ship is like making dumplings

floating dock exported to the United States

recently, we know a new equipment: skwb-2500 ship 3D numerical control bending machine, which is known as the world's first 3D numerical control bending equipment for ship plates with complex curved surfaces

in modern shipbuilding production, the main work is to deal with steel. The first step of ship construction is to cut steel plates and prepare materials for the construction of various components. How to process large-scale ship plates, especially the ship plates at the bow and stern of the hull, most of which are in complex three-dimensional curved shapes, such as sail shaped plates, saddle shaped plates, twisted plates, etc., has always been a headache. The common line heating bending plates and the less used cold pressing, cold bending Roll bending processing method, not to mention the realization of automation, basically depends on the personal technology and experience of operators. Poor working conditions and low efficiency have become difficulties and technical bottlenecks in shipbuilding production

In order to solve this difficulty and technical bottleneck, China began to develop new bending equipment in 2008, trying to achieve automatic NC production. Then in 2012, it successfully developed a special equipment for the forming and processing of ship's three-dimensional curved plate: skwb-800

ship's three-dimensional NC bending machine. Today's skwb-2500 is a fully upgraded version and belongs to a 6000 ton model

the machine can work automatically, controlled by calculation and control software, and automatically carry out ship sheet forming processing; The automatic processing of ship outer plates can process ship plates with a maximum width of 2500 mm and a maximum thickness of 30 mm, which can greatly shorten the shipbuilding cycle, improve the shipbuilding quality, and greatly improve the efficiency. In full load production, it is equivalent to 54 skilled operators, which will increase the production efficiency by more than 10 times

working mode

this equipment is a major technological change in the shipbuilding field. It is gratifying that another new super equipment has been delivered and used. It was completed by China itself. From design to installation and commissioning, it is also a world-class equipment, and it is also a large-scale equipment that other countries, including the United States, do not have. This time, the United States has been thrown away for several blocks. When it comes to large-scale manufacturing equipment, the United States really can't compare with China, nor can it. The domestic shipbuilding industry in the United States is not large, and the value of specialized development of such equipment is not large. The demand is too small, and the price is sky high, so it can't be done

this is the operating platform

unlike China, we have huge demand. Naturally, the more such devices, the better. This may be a benign cycle. The huge demand for all kinds of equipment in the world's largest industrial country makes us happy to develop all kinds of super large processing equipment, which greatly promotes the development of China's industry

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