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IQMs developed a software package for the plastic manufacturing industry

Paso rocks, California, USA news, IQMs, the world's leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software design and development company, announced that the market leading traditional insert molding company - plastic molding technology company (PMT) will adopt the enterprise IQ Le software package. PMT company gradually used this product within five months. Until now, it can carry out simple and efficient process operation in its entire supply chain. PMT company serves the electronics, medical, automotive and customer equipment industries with the characteristics of greener, greener, lower cost, higher design freedom, fewer process problems, further improvement of performance optimization, etc. The reason why the company chose enterpriseiq software is that it can carry out functional design specifically for plastic manufacturing

as part of PMT's commitment to quality, we have made a series of improvements. Said chuck sholtis, CEO of PMT. The rapid growth has made our past ERP system work more and more arduous, which will damage our internal communication and our efforts. We need a flexible and efficient ERP solution to manage our accounts and manufacturing requirements while supporting our growth. A system similar to enterpriseiq can help American manufacturers to be quite competitive globally. In fact, we are proud of our products exported to China and Mexico. As an efficient supplier in the global market, it has become more and more important to be in the period of strategic opportunities, so this investment will bring far-reaching significance to the future. Enterpriseiq has a perfect cooperation with the manufacturing industry, because it can provide plastic manufacturers with detailed items, such as real-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing, and even carry out a number of self designs. Therefore, the system can be constantly upgraded to make us more efficient in managing the long-term development and success of the company

pmt used to use four independent systems to manage enterprise actions: a packaging ERP solution for manufacturing; A complex, domestic spreadsheet system for accounts; An independent system for evaluation and another independent system for production monitoring. When using enterpriseiq Le, PMT company has an ideal single source and single database system for managing the flow-through manufacturing process, as well as the use of supporting modules, such as real-time mechanical monitoring for real-time and preparation of production data

this equipment is suitable for testing the dynamic and static friction coefficient of plastic film, sheet, paper and other materials when sliding

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