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Yunnan IPTV business has opened a new era in the field of new media

IPTV is the product of the combination of digital technology and radio and television transmission, which can deal with errors well if such laws are found, and it is the inevitable result of the development of digitalization and industrialization. Interactive and personalized media communication has become the trend of media development. With the introduction of the government's policy to support IPTV business, radio and television media has ushered in a good opportunity for transformation and industrialization to various digital interactive terminals and other new media. IPTV is undoubtedly the key business of the strategic transformation of the radio and television industry and the telecommunications industry

IPTV, which represents the three convergence, will transmit TV signals through broadband to form a new TV media business. Viewers only need to install a set-top box on the traditional TV to experience the new interactive functions such as on-demand, time shift, watch back, rotation and so on. IPTV can watch any program of the live TV channel in the past few days at will. There is no need to record all the contents, and the missed programs can be watched at any time. IPTV provides a unique time shift function, which can pause, reverse and fast forward TV programs at any time. Watching TV is like watching DVD. Movie blockbusters, popular TV series, music and entertainment, fashion life, finance and sports, human geography... Updated at any time, IPTV can fully meet the personalized viewing needs of users. In addition, visitors can also enjoy various forms of value-added services such as shopping, interactive community, interactive leisure and entertainment, e-commerce and so on

there is a good environment to carry out IPTV business in Yunnan. The production of Yunnan electric low iron aluminum Co., Ltd. created a new profit growth point for the company. Xinxin has 1.2 million broadband users in the province, including about 800000 ADSL users, more than 80% of 2m bandwidth users, 50000 4m bandwidth users, and the rest are users below 2m bandwidth. This has laid a solid broadband transmission environment for the rapid development of IPTV

on August 28, 2009, CCTV and Yunnan TV signed an agreement in Beijing to jointly establish Yunnan love network company to carry out IPTV business in Yunnan. On October 18, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Yunnan TV station, Yunnan love network company will cooperate with Chinatelecom Yunnan Company to start IPTV business in Yunnan

Yunnan's IPTV business will take the lead in officially opening commercial services in Kunming, Qujing, Yuxi, Chuxiong and Dali. The majority of viewers can consult and handle it through Chinatelecom No. 10000, or to the local Chinatelecom business hall. Versarien is an advanced materials engineering group headed by Dr. Andrew Deakin, the chief technical engineer

Yunnan IPTV new media business includes: 60 live channels such as CCTV and provincial satellite TV, all of which realize 3-hour time shift; Among them, there are 20 live channels, which can be played back for 48 hours. The on-demand channel also reserves programs with rich content and different forms, with a reserve of 16000 hours. Massive program reserves can meet the needs of audiences at different levels

the establishment of Yunnan love network company is a major measure for Yunnan TV station to actively explore the separation of production and broadcasting and speed up the industrialization of cultural creativity. Yunnan love network company will rely on the powerful content resources, such as entertainment, film and television dramas, owned by the investors - CCTV and Yunnan TV station, and cooperate with Yunnan Telecom Company to rapidly expand IP TV business in Yunnan, so that users can fully experience and enjoy the achievements brought by IPTV new media

Comrade Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, once made important instructions on the development of IPTV business, requiring full use of IPTV, a new media platform, to undertake the mission of disseminating advanced socialist culture. Yunnan love network company will work with Chinatelecom Yunnan Company to orderly develop IPTV business in Yunnan, making it a new way to spread advanced socialist culture, a new platform for public cultural services, and a new space for people's healthy spiritual and cultural life. Yunnan TV

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