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Iquesta chemical company launched two new resin packaging materials

equistar, a subsidiary of Lyondell chemical in the United States, recently launched two new resin materials for food and beverage packaging

these two resins are pp30hf01 and pp33hf04, both of which are copolymers of polypropylene and ethylene. They are mainly characterized by Milliken Milland 3988, a spring testing machine mainly used in spring manufacturers, electrical appliance manufacturers, power machinery plants, colleges and universities and relevant scientific research institutions as transparent agents. They are mainly used for molding and extrusion, including blow molding, printing, injection molding and film production. Equistar chemical company (equistar) had a trading volume of US $6.5 billion last year and 3165 employees. These two resin materials can increase the clarity of packaging materials and can be used to make packaging materials for food packaging containers, beverage bottles and personal health care products

millad 3988 is widely used in OPP bottles for vitamine, water, tea, fruit juice, detergent and drugs because of its high transparency, low density, strong tensile properties and high cost recovery

pp30hf01 and pp33hf04 comply with the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be used to produce food packaging containers and food sealing devices. Polypropylene is the polymer with the fastest growth of market demand at present, which can not be recorded. It is expected that the growth of polypropylene demand will reach twice of GDP in the near future. The reason why polypropylene has achieved such gratifying results is that it can replace wood, glass, metal and other thermoplastics with strong advantages and low prices

The resin formed by the polymerization of polypropylene and ethylene can be used in food and beverage packaging, including the packaging film of various foods and the blow molding bottle of fruit juice, milk and other soft drinks

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