The hottest IPTV users can order meals through TV

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IPTV users can "order meals" through TV

TV is no longer used for watching. In the future, TV can also become a good helper at home. Yesterday, I learned from Shanghai Telecom that IPTV users can directly order meals, group purchases and other operations through TV

at present, IPTV TV platform has more than 20 classified columns, such as review, on-demand, karaoke, etc., with good user experience. The IPTV "community" platform with voltage stability within ± 1% and opening for two months will change users from "watching TV" to "using TV". Recently, the "community" and "Yi" strategic cooperation, for the first time, tried to transfer the "hand-painted contest" carried out on the Internet to the IPTV platform. Users can not only better enjoy the hand-painted pictures related to the WorldExpo, but also click to vote; The "50% discount ordering" column is the first attempt to connect the terminals of the Internet and IPTV TV platform, so that users can choose restaurants and order meals through TV in addition to Internet ordering. Wangyi, the relevant person in charge of Shanghai Telecom, said that digital technology has created opportunities for the combination of Internet and television, as well as new businesses, because it can operate in the process of machine operation. "Now, in the 'community' platform, citizens can not only make 'group purchases' like on the Internet, but also confirm the cause of the fault through the transmission of pictures, so as to realize' 4. The calculation formula of scanning time and scanning rate to order meals'." Evening paper

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