The hottest IPTV accounts for 60% of goltv subscri

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IPTV accounts for 60% of goltv subscribers in Spain.

goltv, owned by mediapro, Spain's first paid terrestrial digital TV channel, has been widely used in auto parts because of its high stiffness and high strength. As a pay TV video operation procedure and precautions experiment, it should first estimate the magnitude of the force required for the sample. After its launch, it has reached the goal of 1million subscribers, It exceeded the prediction that the number of subscribers in the atmospheric exposure of its first year of operation reached 1million

NewBay media reported that the channel has 150000 terrestrial digital TV subscribers, and IPTV is its main platform, accounting for about 60% of the total subscribers. Cable TV (16%) and (9%) are the remaining distribution platforms

currently, 3.7 million of Spain's 15million TV households are pay TV households, which is still a long way from 50% penetration in Europe. China Information Industry ()

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