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What is the function of iRobot 970 sweeping robot 380 mopping robot? Real advantages and disadvantages evaluation

I saw the evaluation recommendations on this iRobot 970 sweeping robot 380 mopping robot, and later planted this sweeping machine. It has been a while since I started to share the real advantages and disadvantages evaluation of using this sweeping machine, which may help friends in need to choose reference

irobot 970 floor sweeping robot real use evaluation:

this iRobot 970 floor sweeping robot placed an order. At the first sight of arrival, I felt that the appearance and texture were good. After using it for a period of time, I felt that it was really smart and performed very well, which was unanimously appreciated by my family! After using the small RO to sweep the floor, and then using the small br to mop the floor, there is no unexpected beauty in the storage and transportation. There are many and complex furniture, so you can buy a mop. The dry scrubbing mode can solve the places that the sweeping robot can't sweep due to volume constraints. The suction and intelligence of the sweeping robot are really OK. The sweeping robot is really quiet and likes it. Technology changes life and liberates your hands from now on, I hope the two little intelligences can continue to maintain their excellent performance under my careful maintenance! Turn to more friends to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages "" hope to help later friends choose reference


this iRobot 970 sweeping robot 380 mopping robot is currently promoted in the flagship store of iRobot tmall. The price is the pre-sale price

¥ 6088.00, the deposit is ¥ 100.00, and the deposit is reduced by 200 (click here to view the latest activity quotation). Friends in need may wish to pay attention to it, and activities are more valuable


brand: irobot/Robert

more user comments on advantages and disadvantages:

1. Try the floor sweeping function continuously. Don't expect too stubborn. The stains made by children need to be wiped manually. In general, it's good to clean. Free your hands, and then evaluate after mopping the floor

2. It has been used for three days. Compared with Dyson's handheld, it has the advantages of convenience, intelligence and hands free; The disadvantage is that the suction is not strong enough, not as clean as Dyson. Shengzai's battery is not bad. It's not clean enough to suck it once. It's still good because it saves energy and has a high utilization rate. It's suitable for lazy people

its extension rate can reach 80. In the future, quality supervision and random inspection mainly start from 7 aspects, more than 0%

3. As soon as you open it, you feel tall, a grade higher than another well-known brand you have used before, with great attraction, exquisite workmanship and atmosphere. It is worth recommending and re evaluating the subsequent use. At present, Youhong news universal experimental machine is an ideal cost-effective experimental system in scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense and military industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries. The suction is far ahead

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