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Iranian media said that the parliament was ready to approve the "oil cut-off" bill Tehran, February 7 (Xinhua) -- according to Iranian television station 7, the Iranian parliament was ready to approve a bill requiring the Iranian government to stop exporting crude oil to some EU member states in response to the EU's decision to impose an oil embargo on Iran

Iranian parliament speaker Larijani said on the same day that Iranian parliamentarians were carefully handling a series of important issues, including the suspension of crude oil exports to some EU countries, after the equipment installation of the fluorine membrane project was basically completed. He said that the national security and Foreign Relations Committee of the Iranian parliament has been discussing the suspension of crude oil exports to some EU countries, and Iran needs to respond appropriately to the "unreasonable decision" of the EU

the EU foreign ministers' meeting made a resolution on the 23rd of last month to prohibit member states from importing oil from Iran and impose sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran, which triggered a strong reaction from Iran. Several Iranian parliamentarians later said that parliament would discuss with the Ministry of oil to stop crude oil exports to Europe. On the 4th of this month, Iranian oil minister rostam jasemi said that in response to EU sanctions, Iran would stop exporting crude oil to some European countries, but he did not specify which countries

the oil industry is the lifeblood of Iran's economy, and Iran's oil revenue from achieving better economic performance accounts for more than 85% of all foreign exchange revenue. Iran currently exports about 2.6 million barrels of crude oil per day. The EU imports about 500000 barrels of crude oil from Iran every day, of which Greece, Italy and Spain are the countries that import the most Iranian oil from different EU Member States

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