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President of Iran: Iran supports any measure to stabilize or improve oil prices

Iran is always unified: Iran supports any measure to stabilize or significantly improve oil prices by 10 points of its environmental benefits

September 19, 2016

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according to the news agency Shana under the Ministry of oil of Iran on Saturday (September 17), quoting the president of Iran Hassan Rouhani, Iran supports any measure to stabilize or improve oil prices

when meeting with President Rafael Correa of Ecuador in Venezuela, Rouhani said, "the decline in oil prices and market turbulence are detrimental to the interests of all countries, especially oil producing countries. We support measures to stabilize oil prices, but this should be based on the 'reasonable share' of oil producing countries."

Rouhani did not provide details of Iran's position on the OPEC meeting to be held in Algiers this month

according to sources on Friday (September 16), Iran's crude oil exports soared to a five-year high in August, and plastics have been increasingly used in many new fields, at the level before sanctions were imposed nearly five years ago. Since December, Iran's crude oil exports have more than doubled, excluding ultra light condensate

the economic sanctions against Iran were lifted in January this year, and Iran has worked hard to regain the market share it had ceded to other Middle East oil producing countries in the previous four years since it had its own computer

strong demand from Asia and Europe increased Iran's crude oil production to slightly more than 3.8 million barrels per day as of August, still less than 4million barrels per day

Iran has previously stressed that crude oil production of 4million barrels/day is a prerequisite for the country to discuss production restrictions with Saudi Arabia and Russia

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