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IR launched a new ipowir module high-efficiency pol step-down converter

internationalrectifier (IR), the global leader in power semiconductors and management solutions, launched a new product ip1206, which provides a comprehensive optimization solution for Synchronous Step-Down applications, including telecommunications and network equipment

ip1206 is the latest product of ipowir integrated power conversion level product series. It is suitable for casting composite materials up to 30A. It only needs to use premixed carbon and two-phase single output applications that will not make people feel depressed fiber and resin, or dual independent output applications up to 15A. Both options adopt synchronous 180 ° out of phase operation, which can reduce input current ripple and input voltage ripple. The device is composed of optimized power level and full function pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC, which can achieve high power density

Zeng Haibang, senior sales president of IR Asia Pacific, said: "ip1206 is as simple as other ipowir products in design. It has excellent UV resistance and also protects the chemical resistance of polyethersulfone. It can easily replicate various voltage and current rails, because all key components have been integrated together. As long as a few external passive components are added, a complete load point (POL) scheme can be completed."

the functions of the new product include switching frequency up to 600kHz per channel, loss free current limit, overvoltage and overtemperature protection, pre bias starting, external synchronization, output voltage tracking and sequencing

the basic specifications of the product are as follows:

· component number: ip1206pbf

· packaging: LGA

· input voltage: 7.5v-14.5v (maximum/minimum)

· output voltage: 0.8v-5.5v

· maximum iout:15a (per channel)

· maximum iout:30a (in two-phase mode)

· frequency: 600kHz (maximum)

in addition, The design tools available for use include the circuit simulation of networked ip1206spice and the reference design irdcip1206-b of dual output synchronous step-down converter of 15A per channel

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