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Iran's oil minister: Iran's freezing of crude oil output is like "self sanctions"

Iran's oil minister: Iran's freezing of crude oil output is like "self sanctions"

April 18, 2016

[China paint information] Iran's oil minister Bijan Namdar Zanganeh took the above measures. Six (April 16) said that Iran did not send representatives to the Doha meeting on April 17, However, it supports the decision of other organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non OPEC countries to freeze crude oil output. Iran itself will not freeze crude oil output at the level of January 16

In an interview with Iran's state-owned media, Zanganeh pointed out that Iran's freezing of crude oil output is equivalent to a kind of "self sanctions"

he pointed out that if Iran freezes its crude oil output at the level of January 16, it will not benefit from the lifting of sanctions, and Iran will not give up its crude oil market share at any time

zan the shelf life of perishable food is extended by two times nbsp; Ganeh also stressed that OPEC and non OPEC countries must accept Iran's return to the crude oil market

Zanganeh also said that countries should give up letting the market solve the problem of oversupply

Reuters previously obtained a copy of the draft Doha production freeze agreement and published some of its contents. The draft shows that the average daily output of crude oil per month will not exceed the level in January, and the output freeze will continue until October 1 this year

Reuters said that the final agreement had not been reached, but several senior sources close to the oil ministers of oil producing countries said that they were optimistic about reaching a production freeze agreement

Akbar nematollahi, director of public affairs of the Iranian Ministry of oil, said earlier: "Iran will not participate in the ministerial level Doha talks. Kjc/t 622 ⑴ 996 silicate building products sand azempour ardebili, as Iran's director in OPEC and Iran's representative, will attend the meeting"

nematollahi pointed out that Iran must restore the amount of virtual instruments in crude oil production at this time, which is not in the usual sense, to the level before the sanctions. Iran welcomes the efforts of all parties, and will also strive to help the oil price return to an appropriate level to help the market recover

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