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Malaysia's 200% automation allowance is favored by investors

according to foreign media reports, under the tax incentive policy promoted by the Malaysian government's 2015 budget, Malaysia's manufacturing industry received 200% automation capital allowance. Among them, industries belonging to the first group, including rubber, plastic and wood products, furniture and textiles, can receive 200% automatic capital allowance, which is the first RM4 million investment in the year; For other industries in the second group, the first RM2 million investment in the year can receive 200% automatic capital allowance

in August this year, the approved foreign capital in the service industry, raw products and manufacturing industry totaled rm172.3 billion, an increase of 9.1% year on year. Among them, local investment amounted to rm119.8 billion, accounting for 69.5%; Attracting foreign investment of rm52.5 billion, accounting for 30.5%. A total of 4103 projects were approved, creating 1 breakthrough in the bottleneck of new material utilization "4 Civil aircraft sales will increase to $102.5 billion and 440000 jobs

Malaysia's manufacturing industry has a higher accuracy of import configuration, and half of the manufacturing enterprises are dominated by the domestic market. The investment prospect of the manufacturing industry is generally optimistic by experts. This part of manufacturing industry mainly includes food manufacturing industry, beverage and cigarette products industry, paper and paper products industry, non-metallic mineral products industry, gum products industry, industrial chemistry industry, plastic products industry, petroleum products industry, basic metal industry, casting metal industry and transportation equipment industry. This is an industry worthy of attention for Chinese enterprises to enter Malaysia for cooperation

Malaysia is rich in oil, but its petrochemical industry is relatively weak. Chinese companies can invest and cooperate in petrochemical industry. Therefore, there is great potential in palm oil processing, grease chemical industry, comprehensive utilization of palm oil by-products, etc

in terms of investment, the service industry attracted investment of 96.6 billion ringgit, accounting for 56%, of which the investment in real estate accounted for 56%, reaching 54.5 billion ringgit. The original products sector attracted 12.2 billion ringgit of investment, including 11.5 billion ringgit in mining, 600 million ringgit in planting and 100 million ringgit in agriculture. The manufacturing sector attracted investment of rm63.5 billion, with a year-on-year increase of 21.9%. Malaysia's oil border Jialan oil refining and chemical integration project (rapid) is the main driving force

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