The hottest male netizens came to Chongqing to mee

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When his boyfriend came to Chongqing to meet, the man had no choice but to find a girlfriend to replace him. In order to get good equipment in the game, 25-year-old Yang "changed" into a beautiful woman in the virtual world, and tricked his boyfriend into spending money for him. Who knew that the other party went to Chongqing to find Xiao Yang and exposed him

at 2 p.m. the day before yesterday, I saw Xiao Yang in the coffee shop near Jinyu station of Yubei light rail. He is 25 years old and 173cm tall. He works in an auto parts company in Yubei Auto Expo Center. He told him that he had been playing online games for two years. He found that girls were particularly popular in the game, so he built a female number to deceive his friends that he was a female. The rising temperature, friction pressure and speed required the materials to meet the requirements of high glass transition temperature (TG). He also became a boyfriend and girlfriend in the game with Hangzhou friend Xiao Zhao

last weekend, Xiao Yang suddenly received a message from Xiao Zhao that he had flown to Chongqing and asked him to meet in the afternoon. That night, in a hot pot restaurant on Yulu Avenue, Xingcheng 6th Street District, Luneng, Yubei, Xiao Yang called her female friend Miss Zhou for help and had dinner with Xiao Zhao. Miss Zhou, who didn't play games at all, said, "don't let the virus make a comeback. It's ridiculous and funny at first, but I agreed to help after listening to Xiao Yang's anger."

according to the number provided by Xiao Yang, contact Xiao Zhao, 25. He said that he felt a little strange when he first saw that Miss Zhou had brought a man. He mentioned some topics they talked about at the dinner table, but Miss Zhou didn't respond at all. 2. There were twists and turns. He also mentioned some professional terms in the game, and Miss Zhou was obviously flustered, "I knew at that time that I must have been cheated."

Xiao Zhao said that during the tour, he had charged Xiao Yang several thousand yuan. Now he just wants Xiao Yang to return his equipment and game cards, which are worth more than 3000 yuan, "otherwise I will call the police."

Xiao Yang said that now he has returned all the equipment that can be returned in the game to Xiao Zhao and made an apology. If money is needed, we will discuss it further

we should also maintain ourselves in the virtual environment

Zhou Xiaoyan, a professor of psychology at Chongqing Normal University, believes that people should also maintain themselves in the virtual environment. I also remind you that you should be careful when making friends. You must understand some basic information of each other to avoid being cheated. Long Yuling

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