The hottest male driver chases the beautiful drive

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The male driver chased the beautiful driver, causing the two cars to rub and hang and wanted to keep each other private.

on the way to work, a Zhonghua car always followed a BMW X5, and the two cars finally rub and hang. The Zhonghua car driver bought insurance but asked for privacy. Is it touch porcelain? lady-killer? Or superficial traffic chaos

a Zhonghua follows BMW silently. "He always follows me, and must be attentive!" At about 8 a.m. yesterday, when Jiahua grand bridge won the bid for Chongqing, a black BMW X5 was wiped from the right of a black Zhonghua car. The BMW driver immediately called the police. Jiangbei traffic patrol police yu'ao University team Yi People's police arrived soon. The young BMW female driver angrily told the Yi People's police that she suspected that the male driver of Zhonghua car was concentrating on touching porcelain. "Why should you concentrate on wiping me?"

fengmis, a female driver of BMW, said that when she was about to go to the Jiahua grand bridge, she saw this Zhonghua car following the car all the way, getting closer and closer. The driver didn't look in front of the car and looked forward to von Mises. "There are many cars on the bridge. What do you mean?" Von Mies stepped on the accelerator, and the other party also accelerated, one on the left and one on the right. When the car went to Jiahua grand bridge, Zhonghua car got closer and closer. If the problem could not be solved, Feng Mies' goal of marking many times was to hide. However, because Zhonghua car got close too fast, BMW didn't hide successfully, and eventually there was friction on both sides

the driver who caused the accident wanted to have a private affair with her

in this accident, a 4-meter-long scratch was hung on the right side of von Mises' BMW from the front to the rear. The scratch was deeply sunken, and the left front of Zhonghua car was damaged. "He told me not to call the police, but to ask me for a phone call." Fengmis angrily told the Yimin police that the other party was willing to be private, and always asked to stay in law with fengmis. Feng Mies called the 4S store for advice. At first, he estimated that he would lose nearly 10000 yuan. After hearing the quotation, the driver of Zhonghua car was no longer willing to go private

Wuxi promotes electronic sampling boxnbsp; Every year, millions of plastic bags can be used less. The Yiyi police of the Chongqing Macao University brigade of the traffic patrol detachment of Jiangbei District inquired about the relevant information of the Chinese car driver Li Qiang (a pseudonym). They didn't break the rules and bought insurance. "Why did you buy insurance for yourself? It's not cost-effective!" Yi People's police also felt very strange about Li Qiang's private request. "Your style of picking up girls is over!" Soon, Feng Mies' friends arrived and made fun of Li Qiang

he admitted that he saw the beauty go crazy

after the on-site investigation, the Yi People's police determined that the Zhonghua car changed lanes and caused friction, and all the negative accidents. According to the initial budget, BMW lost nearly 10000 yuan

von Mises is in a hurry to get off work and must drive away soon. After she left, Li Qiang told the Yi People's police what he thought. "The female driver is definitely beautiful." Li Qiang said that on Beibin Road, he accidentally saw a black BMW SUV driving next to him. When waiting for the traffic light, he glanced curiously and found that the driver was a young beauty. Step 3: check the system settings of the material tension tester. In order to see more clearly, Li Qiang drove the car all the way to chase and look around. Because he was distracted, there was news recently that there was a collision between two cars

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